Local Reliability in Recycling

Happy New Year from all the team at RTS!

This season is important to us here at RTS Waste. We wait (im)patiently all year to be able to roll out our new lorries for your waste collection and recycling, and it’s finally here! Hit up our commercial services  and our construction services  to see the full range of things we have available as a leading provider of waste management services and recycling.

Behavioural Changes To Waste Collections

Case studies on “behavioural change” and how businesses deal with their waste shows there is a still a barrier that focuses on time and effort for segregating waste. However, as the industry is moving towards pay by weight for different waste types, this then concentrates the bill payers to consider having segregated bins on site. Not having your recyclables collected is just a negative perception to your own customers. Emphasis on having Dry Mixed Recycling, Glass and food collections will be a cost saving in comparison to general waste bins. Let us prove this to you with a waste audit by our experienced waste business development team.

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Separate Waste Bins

  • Better perception to you own customers.
  • Longer term attitudes of behaviour will become common practice.
  • Improved non contaminated waste means the waste is more of a resource for reuse and recycling.
  • Save your business money with recyclable collections.

Zero Waste To Landfill

At RTS Waste, our objective is to work towards zero waste to landfill. Our current target achieved is just over 90% partly because the general waste goes to energy from waste. We would prefer to be pushing higher up the Waste Hierarchy and improve the actual waste that is reused and recycled. To do that the separate collections is the first step towards this being achieved.

Today’s Waste Tomorrow’s Future!