RTS Waste Management is a skilled and experienced waste management company that can provide a wide range of services including but not limited to skip hire in Kent, construction waste management, and recycling waste services.
When searching for a waste management business to provide you with professional disposal and management solutions for your waste, it is very important that you choose the business that is right for you. However, we understand that for some this can be challenging and difficult. So to give you a helping hand, here is quick guide about choosing a waste management business.

Choosing A Waste Management Company In Kent, Which Business Is Best Suited To Your Needs?

  • Look At The Services Provided By The Company.
    When searching for a waste management business to provide you with a disposal solution. Remember to look at the services that they provide. For example, if you are searching for skip hire in Kent, but the business specialises in a different area of waste management, it might be a good idea to search for a business that has the skills necessary to provide you with a high quality waste disposal service.
  • What Is Their Commitment To The Environment? How Eco-Friendly Is The Waste Disposal Company? Waste has the potential to be harmful to the environment; as such it is very important that waste is disposed of in a responsible manner that complies with all relevant legislation and regulations.With a waste management solution from RTS, you’ll benefit from our simple approach to the Waste Hierarchy. We aim to reduce as much waste as possible, reuse valuable raw materials, and recycle a high percentage of waste. However, in addition to this, we also utilise recovery via incinerating residual waste, this means that we only landfill what is left over.If you would like to learn more information about our commitment to the environment, please read our Environmental Policy. You can find a link to this document on our Licences, Certificates, and Accreditations page.
  • Make Sure That You Choose A Reputable Waste Management Business.
    Earlier this year it was reported that the Environment secretary Michael Gove has launched a review into both serious and organised waste crime. Additionally, the Home Office has also warned that “people are being conned into placing contracts with dodgy waste firms”.Waste crime such as illegal waste dumps and fly-tipping harms local communities, the environment, and it costs the economy a large amount of money. Indeed, waste crime has a large impact on people’s lives. As such, it is very important that you make sure that any business you choose to manage your waste is a registered waste management business.If you would like to check if a waste management business is registered, you can do so on the Environment Agency website. For example, if you search for “RTS Waste Management”, you will see that we are a registered Carrier, Broker, Dealer – Upper Tier.
  • Don’t Forget To Look At Case Studies And Testimonials.
    If you’re unsure about a waste management business, it can be very helpful to read case studies and testimonials on their website. This will give you information regarding some of their previous projects. This could be very helpful if you find businesses in the same industry as you. Again using the previous example of skip hire in Kent, it might be beneficial to search for case studies or testimonials from businesses/individuals in Kent who utilised a waste management service that included skip hire.

Skip Hire In Kent From RTS Waste Management

RTS Waste Management can provide numerous different professional waste services, including skip hire in Kent. Those interested in hiring a skip can choose from a variety of different sizes including 6 yard skips, 8 yard skips, and 12 yard skips.

Our Transfer Station is located in Swanscombe, Dartford, Kent. This means that we can provide efficient and affordable skip hire covering many Kent locations such as:

Dartford, Maidstone, Gravesham, Hawley, Higham, Northfleet Green, Southfleet, Temple Hill, and Wilmington.

What Other Waste Services Are Available?

In addition to skip hire services, the RTS Waste team can also provide waste solutions such as a commercial man and van service, RORO container services, and recycling services.

Also, for those searching for a disposal method for waste which must be collected separately due to environmental legislation, such as plasterboard (Gypsum based construction waste EWC 17 08 02). We recommend the Jumbo Bag; a disposal container which is 1 cubic meter in size and can hold up to 200kg!

What Have Our Previous Customers Said About Our Professional Waste Services?

We have provided a wide variety of businesses from various different industries with numerous different waste management services. One of our previous customers said the following about their experience with RTS Waste Management.

“I have found the quality of service I have received since working with
RTS Waste to be excellent. All pick ups and deliveries done on time by
friendly and helpful drivers.”

If you would like to read what more of our previous customers have said about our waste management services, please visit our Testimonials and Case Studies page.

Would You Like More Information? Contact Our Kent Waste Management Team And Make An Enquiry Today!

If you are interested in a skip hire waste disposal service in the Kent area, please do not hesitate to get in touch with a member of our friendly team of waste management professionals. We understand that some may find waste disposal confusing and difficult to understand, however our team of experienced waste professionals will be happy to provide you with advice and assist you in choosing the waste management solution that meets your needs.

If you would like to request an instant quote, please click the green “Quick Quote Request” button at the top of this page. However, if you have any questions, please call our team on 0207 232 1711.

Local Reliability in Recycling

Happy New Year from all the team at RTS!

This season is important to us here at RTS Waste. We wait (im)patiently all year to be able to roll out our new lorries for your waste collection and recycling, and it’s finally here! Hit up our commercial services  and our construction services  to see the full range of things we have available as a leading provider of waste management services and recycling.

Behavioural Changes To Waste Collections

Case studies on “behavioural change” and how businesses deal with their waste shows there is a still a barrier that focuses on time and effort for segregating waste. However, as the industry is moving towards pay by weight for different waste types, this then concentrates the bill payers to consider having segregated bins on site. Not having your recyclables collected is just a negative perception to your own customers. Emphasis on having Dry Mixed Recycling, Glass and food collections will be a cost saving in comparison to general waste bins. Let us prove this to you with a waste audit by our experienced waste business development team.

If you’re interested in any of our services, please get in touch now by email sales@rtswaste.co.uk or call on 0207 232 1711 now!

Separate Waste Bins

  • Better perception to you own customers.
  • Longer term attitudes of behaviour will become common practice.
  • Improved non contaminated waste means the waste is more of a resource for reuse and recycling.
  • Save your business money with recyclable collections.

Zero Waste To Landfill

At RTS Waste, our objective is to work towards zero waste to landfill. Our current target achieved is just over 90% partly because the general waste goes to energy from waste. We would prefer to be pushing higher up the Waste Hierarchy and improve the actual waste that is reused and recycled. To do that the separate collections is the first step towards this being achieved.

Today’s Waste Tomorrow’s Future!

Mixed Fleet of 40 Vehicles

Fact Magazine expressed their interest in publishing an article about RTS Waste Management this month.  RTS Waste have a very high safety specification installed onto its fleet. We were one of the first Waste management companies to lead the way with being accredited for FORS. Today RTS Waste are still leading the way not just in its technology on the fleet but also with its service to customers.

"RTS waste is a major provider of integrated waste management and skip hire that services London, Kent and Somerset. With a mixed fleet of 40 vehicles, ranging from 3.5 tonne caged vehicles up to 44 tonne roll-ons, skip lorries and articulated vehicles, safety is a serious concern.

Four Way Camera

We have a four way camera system which records the vehicles' journey. This assists with detecting cyclists in the blind spots. Also  the recordings can be  used for driver training purposes. White sound reversing alarms are fitted to the rear of the vehicle for ultimate safety to warn pedestrians that the vehicle  is maneuvering without causing a noise nuisance.

Our Transport Manager  believes in the Brigade Electronics' full suite of systems   for providing this safety equipment and saya "Brigade's products are excellent quality " and goes on to say " The drivers  love it. If they have done anything wrong it protects them...."

With recordings used for training purposes the equipment more than covers is cost and provides RTS Waste with a level that surpasses silver FORS (Freight Operators Recognition Scheme)

With all the waste management services including skip hire, man and van , mobile compaction services requiring a wide range of vehicles running in London as well at Kent and Somerset safety is a priority.

Congratulations from a Bermondsey Resident

Today our Customer Service Manager received a complimentary email about the outstanding behaviour, when servicing our long term customer Bermondsey Square Hotel.

Copy of the email:

“Sent: 28 November 2017 14:00
To: Info
Subject: non client feedback

Dear Folks

Just want to write to speak of both my amazement and my delight about the high standard of service your company achieves:
As a resident living near the Bermondsey Hotel (and its delivery bay), for several weeks now I have been hugely impressed by RTS Waste- by the quietness of the vehicle collecting the hotel’s waste, and by the staff manning the vehicle: The workers don’t indulge in shouted conversation during their task; nor do they loudly bang the bins as they move them about; nor do they slam the door that gives access to the room containing those bins; nor do they slam either door of the waste collection vehicle once their task has been completed….
Astonishing behaviour indeed !! As many local residents can confirm, there is a regular stream of activity in that loading bay area (all hours of the day and night), and we have to put up with what I term the “Hark! Man at Work!” syndrome: make as much noise as possible so everyone knows you are there….
Very frustrating-and very inconvenient in the summertime: unless you’re a very sound sleeper, it is very unwise to leave open any windows (to cool the inevitable heat) otherwise you’ll be wakened several times.
But definitely not so with your company’s service and staff! It’s like dying and going to Delivery/Collection Heaven !! In the ideal world, all companies would mimic your company’s sterling example.
Anyway, big kudos to RTS for its high standard of consideration and respectfulness towards the community surrounding the clients they serve. I assure you, it is greatly appreciated and valued by local residents!

(Name withheld by request)”

So good to have a feel good factor about our drivers and all the employees behind the scenes enabling such good service.

RTS Waste Headlines October 2017

  • Recycling Your Waste
  • New Feature TOP TIPS – Bank Holiday Collections
  • Environmental Achievements – Paperless Invoicing
  • Customer Focused
  • Extended Family features Getting Qualified

    WE UNDERSTAND YOU’RE BUSY and want to get on with running your business, without having to think about WASTE.
    That’s why we do the thinking for you!

September sees the annual (RWM) Recyclers Waste Management industry show at the NEC Birmingham, which always brings to the forefront how important our future is and how improvements can be made. With topics being broadcast about Landfills being full and year on year more recycling is taking place in the UK, means that technology and sensible environmental planning has to continuously take place. We do not just collect your waste, that is the easy part, we actually take responsibility as a discerning waste carrier to ensure that more than 90% of ALL waste is Reused, Recycled or goes to Recovering Energy From Waste to generate power within local areas. RTS Waste offer a zero waste to landfill option to most customers if dedicated segregated containers are used effectively. For more information get in touch with our Business Development team on 020 7232 1711 option 2 for booking this service or email: sales@rtswaste.co.uk


The Construction Flyer launch showing all different waste collection options.

Be advised that we will not be operating a dustcart service over Bank Holiday periods. Any work scheduled for these days will not be carried out; any excess that may accumulate as a result will be collected and charged for on the next scheduled collection day.

If you would like to book a collection before the Bank Holiday please send all requests to orders@rtswaste.co.uk quoting full address and contact details. Should you wish to discuss alternative collections or changes to your contract please feel free to contact our Sales Department on 020 7232 1711

This enables all bookings to be accurate of where the service is to take place.

For suspended bays or on road skips a permit from the respective council is required. We can arrange this for our customers. Please note that there is a cost for most permits. Allow for advanced bookings to get the right permit in place. RTS Waste are here to assist and make this booking as easy as possible. Call 020 7232 1711 for more information from our Transport Team.

We will ask if Plasterboard is contained in the waste to be collected because it is an environmental law to keep this waste type completely separate. An additional skip or RORO can be ordered if the quantity is significant (more than half tonne). For half tonne or less customers can order a Bulk Bag.100% of plasterboard will be recycled. For more information please visit our website PLASTERBOARD

Environmental Achievements
Embrace Environmental, Social and Economic Objectives.



Graphics above are relevant to Environmental Protection and Sustainable Development which is important to all reputable businesses.


What has RTS Waste achieved recently towards our Environmental Management System? The announcement of working towards paperless invoicing is one of our major head office projects. Currently we can confirm that 40% of our customers are receiving invoices by email. The target is still to have 100% of customers using this method of communication . IF YOU WANT TO RECEIVE INVOICES BY EMAIL then please make contact with our Customer Service manager to get this set up as soon as possible. One simple step required :

EMAIL to csfeedback@rtswaste.co.uk

The transition to a circular economy demands improvements in processes and resource efficiency.
Demonstrating continuous improvement in the environmental aspects of day to day business is important as part of our ISO 14001 accreditation. Having a strategic approach to reducing landfill is our main focus “Zero Waste to Landfill”. We have successfully encouraged over 60% Commercial customers to now have segregated waste collections.

Commercial Customers can have separate Dry Mixed Recycling, Food, Glass and General Waste collections. Construction can have almost any material segregated and accounted for within recycle reports and Site Waste Management Plans. To find out how you can improve your waste streams too and meet your environmental aspect statements then please contact our professionally qualified Business Development team. Email Sales@rtswaste.co.uk now
Trade Waste Bin Weights
It is up to everyone to take some ownership of environmental resources and we make special efforts to encourage the recycling of waste to reduce longer term life cycle costs to businesses. Bin weighing is now operational on General Waste scheduled collections. There are businesses exceeding the weight limits and being educated by our trained staff to be looking at better sustainable segregation of their waste and improving their own operational practices.

This letter will be emailed through to customers that are affected along with their individual excess weights and additional costs. This will be weekly and come from our Customer Service Manager Leanne King.

The limits are there to maintain safety for lifting the bins with the right equipment but also to encourage the segregation of the waste types that should be recycled. Although our General Waste collection goes to Energy from Waste and not Landfill this is not the best practice for our Environment. The Waste Hierarchy states clearly the need for waste prevention and to promote reuse and recycling.

Leading on from the above article RTS want to emphasise the NEED for our customers to separate their waste. You may have received emails from us requesting to come to your site to do a waste audit. RTS offer General Waste, Dry Mixed Recycle and Glass collections. It will be CHEAPER for you and better for the environment if you separate your dry recycle materials.

For Orders, Quotations or Queries for the separate food waste service call 0207 232 1711 or email sales@rtswaste.co.uk

DRY MIXED RECYCLING : Cardboard, Paper, Plastic, Cans

Supporting the Community

A local Lewisham charity called “For Jimmy” Jimmy Mizen, raises money to support our young people who are precious. Unfortunately many live in fear of confrontation and anger from the few who cause the problems.. He was a sixteen year old school boy in Lewisham south east London who lost his life in an unprovoked attack in a bakery in 2008.

In September 2017 RTS Waste sponsored a golf event to raise money this charity.

#Bexleyheath – Sally Hodkin
A second local charity also benefited from our support. This was simply sponsoring an advert at a Bexleyheath football match to generate continued awareness and funds towards the Sally Hodkin charity who was killed in Bexleyheath in 2011 when she was on her way to work . RTS waste was made aware of this charity through one of our long term customers’ Jackosn Lifts.

Our Extended Family

Staying at the TOP OF OUR GAME

Continuous training for our staff ensures we are at the top of our game. Recently RTS Waste is proud to support the development of our staff. This covers all employees including drivers, yard operators and the head office . There are so many varied ways to improve.
Ernie Thomas is one of our drivers – recently completed his FORS Certificate. All RTS Waste drivers have to complete their Freight Operators Recognition Scheme training.

Amme Lloyd is in our sales team – completed her CIWM WASTE SMART certificate through The Chartered Institute of Waste Management.

Christina O’Brien – AAT level 4 in Accounting achieved.

As a family business RTS Waste has a clear Training and Development policy to support staff. Many of our staff have become qualified through this scheme and consequently we find that the loyalty to the company is strong. With pride after being in business for more than 30 years Mark Redmond the Managing Director says ” Investment in our staff means that we should operate to the best possible standards, reaching our goal delivering an excellent service 1st time every time”
Please keep an eye on the careers page on our website and occasionally we publish job opportunities on social media. You can follow us on Linked In, Facebook and Twitter by clicking one of the links below.