Case Studies

 Construction – 20 Fenchurch Street – The ‘Walkie Talkie’

The Challenge

RTS Waste is a leading provider of Waste Management in the construction, demolition and fit out industry. The ironic 36 storey tall building cost over £200 million creating over 63,800 m of floor space.. Munnellys quote themselves “ Munnellys Environmental understand that waste management is centre to the success of any project”


Munnelly Group is an RTS Waste premium client that required any contractor working on this project to have reliability in service, responsiveness to change and the necessary compliance for waste management and transportation. The accreditations had to meet to highest levels of health and safety, quality and sustainability. Meeting the critical path of Munnelly’s project management for deliveries and traffic flow were crucial.

The Solution

RTS collected over 1000 tonnes of construction and demolition waste in 8 months. There were a combination of services provided including  3.5 and 7.5 tonne caged lorries as wait and load and our smaller 26 tonne dust cart 14.5 tonne where empty). Most services were booked out of hours. The logistics involved going down a  service lift with a weight restriction of 20 tonnes  and our smaller vehicles of the fleet were suited to this set up perfectly.
 Going down from the ground floor to where wheeled bins were stored with the construction waste pre-sorted into the individual waste streams for recycling. The waste streams were returned to RTS London bulking station where they are logged on to our automated hand held reporting system generating accurate recycling data to be reported monthly back t  the client in this case Munnellys.

It would not be possible to provide this solution without our varied fleet and flexibility to work through the night. The traffic flow was calculated precisely and meeting the time slots took our dedicated transport team to get the information right from booking to arriving at the site on time.

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The Result

The segregated waste was placed by Munnellys into labelled wheeled bins. RTS then had a scheduled mobile compaction service that collects this waste. Plasterboard has to be collected in a totally separate collection to abide by Environmental Agency laws.

 The recycling rate was a massive 98% with the success of the RTS treatment of waste and the Material Recovery Facility we run at Crossways Recycling in Kent. Munnelly compliance staff visited this site prior to accepting ourselves as the successful waste management contractor and passed all audits that are necessary. RTS Waste customer service department email out monthly recycling reports by site for customers to keep the necessary waste records for their Site Waste Management Plans (SWMP).

An excellent sustainable solution was delivered which had less impact on the environment by containing dust and noise issues that would arise if collections had been made in the open air at road side.
The Munnellys labour costs were significantly reduced by RTS Waste having our vehicle travel in the lift to the collection point of the waste as opposed to having to bring 50 + bins up in the lift to the mobile compaction each collection. Time is money and RTS want to work closely on every construction project carefully to benefit our clients and ourselves in winning further work and becoming a lead provider of waste management, especially in the construction market.

If you have any further questions about an up and coming construction project please call Craig Lloyd our Sales Manager and specialist in Construction from more than 10 years’ experience.

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Walkie Talkie Recycling report

Events Case Study

Hospitality – Epsom Derby

Epsom Downs is located in Surrey  and hosts one of Britain’s greatest national events; the Epsom Derby which is often referred to as the “Blue Riband” of the turf.  This is a two day festival at the beginning of June each year. The Derby  is a flat race which is televised around the world with interest and is  Britain’s richest horse race that hospitality guests flock to.

The Challenge

RTS Waste first collected waste for this event in 2011 for a well-known waste company. Since then RTS has successfully won this tender directly for the Hospitality Event Organiser; Waste Cost Reduction Services.

With almost 250,000 guests expected in June 2016 to be entertained there are serious logistics to be considered as well as the environmental impacts. RTS Waste work very hard to meet the logistical and recycling targets set by their client; Waste Cost Reduction Services. The challenge of high speed time frames and flexibility is key to a successful service by RTS Waste. The event will begin a week before with the waste generated from the set up and build of decking, dining areas and the preparation of segregated waste collection points. During the two day event there is the continuous up keep of emptying the waste and transportation taking the waste back to our transfer station for processing through our Material Recovery Facility; then after the event there is the dismantling of the facilities again.

The Solution

Services provided daily

100 x 240 litre Glass bins
50 x 1,100 litre wheeled bins for municipal waste
40 yard compactor for Dry Mixed Recycling (DMR)
10 x 14 yard Rear End Loaders (RELs)

Skips and Roll On Roll Offs

Daily dustcart collections of black bag waste from the Downs. A line of pickers cleared the loose rubbish from the sloped area and left the bags in piles for our operators to put in the dustcart.

Whilst the Derby takes place over three days there is also the pre build and dismantling generating waste which needs  to be handled effectively in a small working area. The RTS team were available 24/7 to ensure when the site was closed; the site bins and containers were emptied ready for the following day. The services were booked in daily, however there were ad-hoc requests that were reacted to quickly by our dedicated Sales Manager.

Bin delivery 2015

The Result

An event like this produces approximately 167 tonnes of waste each year and achieved recycle and recovery of waste at a rate of 85%, avoiding 141 tonnes going to landfill. The recycling of glass accounts for most of the weight involved and then the reminder was either used for energy generation, with a small percent having the end destination as unavoidable landfill. The improvement of communication for event guests to encourage recycling more waste into dedicated bins would help to reduce this further.

If you have an Event to organise and need assistance by professionals in organising the Waste Management then give our Sales team a  call on 020 7232 1711 or email sales@rtswaste,