Commercial customers are faced with increasing choices for their waste to be collected. It is a legal obligation for any business to instruct a licnenced waste operator to collect and dispose of their waste, so how do they choose? 

Customers will choose a Waste Management Company on reliability, convenience of  collection days and value for money. 

This is not a sales pitch but an article to highlight what industry changes may be coming in the future. The Chartered Institute of Waste Management CIWM have written an interesting article in this months journal  (November 2013) that is highlighting the provenance of collections changing in the future to be Weight based as opposed to by Volume or lift. 

Save 54 percent volume reduction 

It is a well known strategy that RTS Waste will promote to our customers that you will be charged less for a Dry Mixed Recycled (DMR)  bin than a General or Municipal bin. RTS stress that we provide a tailor made service to each business because that is what is needed to optimise a solution that works for our customers using the important factor highlighted earlier; value for money, convenience and reliability.  However facts within the CIWM journal using data collection; that removing the dry mixed recycled from a residual waste bin would make it 29% lighter but releases over 54%  of the volume.  Therefore our customers can reduce the size of their general waste bin or reduce the collection frequency, either way the introduction of a recycling bin reduces costs. 

Weight verses Volume

CIWM quotes that "increasing waste disposal costs and variable collection charges combined with historical charging on a volume basis, rather than weight lifted, hinders customers making informed value based decisions". RTS experiences show that customers like an 'easy life' when it comes to their waste collection, letting us take the strain. However, the single commingled bin is a lost opportunity for everyone, especially as RTS has the commercial recycling service which many councils do not yet have operating as well as ourselves. An advantage to focus on, recycling is the heart of what we do. The argument of changing to a weight verse volume charging is controversial within the industry and there is a cry for more data needed before this concept comes into force. However if there is a drive towards more recycling and less waste being sent to landfill then RTS will support this change and support customer needs with flexible services by waste type and working towards our mission of working towards zero landfill. 

The Future for Commercial Waste

Although the Commercial waste sector can be complex, there are financial drivers that private Waste operators like RTS Waste can put in place for the future ahead. If customers have more information provided to them on their waste produced, more value based decisions can be made with  both parties befitting.  There could be higher performance in cost effective services and environmental landfill avoidance.  The new RTS  Commercial Waste fleet does have the capability to weigh bins and can evaluate the weight produced and advise how this can be more economically handled with waste separation services and achieving outstanding recycling targets.  For more information call our Commercial Waste experts today a free waste audit provided.