Here at RTS Waste, we are a leading provider of commercial waste management in Greenhithe. Our dedicated team provides a comprehensive and efficient service in the collection of business waste and recycling. Regardless of the type, size or requirements of your business, our expert team are able to offer advice and assistance in creating a solution that can be shaped to suit whatever your particular needs may be.
Commercial Waste Bin

What Are The Benefits of Professional Commercial Waste Management in Greenhithe?

It’s important to note that all businesses must have a Waste Transfer Note in order to declare that they have adhered to Government guidelines on waste disposal. The waste management company MUST be licensed by the Environmental Agency and will help you to meet these requirements.Here are some other great reasons why using the services of a professional waste management company is important:
  • Savings on cost. Using commercial waste management in Greenhithe is simply the quickest, easiest, most cost-effective way of dealing with the removal of waste from your property. With the right size and quantity of containers delivered straight to you, all you’ll need to do is to fill it up and it will collected at a pre-arranged schedule of dates, it will be taken away – and as they say, in business, time is money.
  • Keeps the premises clear. By allowing a waste management company to handle your waste, you will not only be saving on costs, but you’ll also be ensuring that the business premises is kept clean and safe. During a busy day, week, even throughout a month, waste can build up on site; by having any combination of one of more dedicated wheeled bins for general waste, dry mixed recycling (DMR), glass, food or even separate Cardboard at hand, you can simply clear everything into one area and allow it to be taken away and emptied. With reassurance that the waste will be used as a resource and not landfilled.
  • Safeguards the environment. A build-up of waste has the high potential to cause environmental, as well as hazardous issues in-or-around the premises. commercial waste management in Greenhithe helps to detach the waste from the local environment, securing it in a container from where its materials cannot affect anything. What’s more, any recyclable materials will be recovered and re-used, reducing the impact that landfill has on the environment too.
Commercial Waste Bin
Commercial Waste Bin

Why Choose RTS Waste For Your Commercial Waste Management?

By choosing commercial waste management in Greenhithe from RTS Waste, you’ll simply be able to comprehensively manage all of your waste with one, bespoke solution. No matter the industry you’re involved in, or the type of commercial waste in question, our team are able to work with you to provide one or a number of specialist waste containers for whatever your needs may be. Here are some reasons why you should choose our service:
  • We are able to offer a wide range of commercial waste management in Greenhithe solutions, each of which can be designed specifically to meet whatever requirements you may have. Whether you’re looking for recycling, wheeled-bin collections, pre-paid sack collections, a man and van service, a roll-off/roll-on container, a rear end loader or even a waste service that operates out-of-hours, we can provide all of this and more.
  • Our service operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, giving you the peace of mind that no matter the time of day, we are able to deal with your waste at a time that suits you. What’s more, we are able to arrange a reliable, scheduled collection thanks to real-time tracking of all of our vehicles.
  • We are a fully licensed waste carrier with dedicated waste transfer stations. The majority of the materials we collect are treated at our Material Recovery Facility (MRF). Our professional approach to our work is reflected in our accreditations; supporting our commitment to quality, health and safety, as well as environmental legislation. To learn more about our accreditations, you can view/download them here.
  • With plenty of experience in the industry, our knowledgeable staff are able to offer you any assurances or advice you need in regards to your waste management. We endeavour not just to ‘drop off a waste container and pick it back up again’ but to build up a genuine working relationship; helping to further shape our services to your specific requirements.

A Comprehensive Commercial Waste Management Service

Just an example of the many different types of businesses we serve, include:
  • Retailers. Our service can help all retail and wholesalers to remove their day-to-day waste, preventing any opportunity for it to build up in such a busy environment.
  • Restaurants. Food waste is an obvious issue for restaurants, cafes and takeaways; being able to efficiently clear it away will help to avoid an environmental issue.
  • Service Businesses. With the service industry encompassing a vast range of activities, the many different types of waste that may emerge could prove difficult to handle. A commercial waste management in Greenhithe service from RTS can deal with all types of waste, ensuring their effective removal and recycle.
  • Manufacturers. Waste materials are a natural by-product of any manufacturing process; with a recycling point, business owners can ensure that the waste they produce will be recycled, making for long-term sustainability.
  • Governments and Councils. With many confidential documents being part-and-parcel of government work, the need for a secure waste management system is vital. Our service can offer secure waste removal to ensure safe disposal.
  • Real Estate and Facility Management. A professional waste management company can help to take the pressure off landlords and building managers in arranging the removal of waste from their properties.
  • Distributors. The fast-paced nature of distribution can easily see waste build up and cause issues relating to health and safety. A business waste management service can deal with the waste before it has an opportunity to grow.
  • Utilities. Encompassing a wide range of waste needs, it’s vital for any part of the utility industry to be able to effectively manage their waste. Whether it’s hazardous materials, plastic, wood or metal recycling, to skip provision or the removal of sludge and effluent, RTS can help to manage a whole host of waste issues.
Regardless of your type of commercial operation, reducing the waste that is produced and making the best use of resources does not just help the environment, it can also support growth and save your business money. Our dedicated professional team are able to offer advice on a bespoke solution that would be most suited to your needs. Please feel free to have a look around our website for more information on the many different services we offer. If you have any further questions, why not get in touch with us today?

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