Roll on Roll Off Compactor

Compactor Hire for London & the Surrounding Areas

What is a Compactor?

A commercial waste management solution allows significant savings on transport using different types of compactors depending on waste type. The main options are portable compactors or static compactors. RTS Waste will service existing compactors that businesses already have on site or can recommend which type would suit your site the best. It is best to talk to our trained and experienced business development people for the most cost effective and environmentally efficient waste management solution. Call us today on 0207232 1711 or email

Portable Compactors

Customers choose a portable compactor waste disposal service which is low maintenance with a choice of integral container sizes from 14 and 28 metres cubed, these containers are not bolted to the ground and can be located on a various ground surfaces from tarmac, rough ground or block paving. As long as there is sufficient access for our skip and hook lift lorries to collect and deliver the compactor. Basically the waste is simply hand balled, bin lifted or fork-lifted into a hopper  where the waste material is compacted and indicators show 3/4 full or full and then the operator can notify us to schedule a collection by one of our trained drivers. A waste management solution that is recommended for many different commercial and industrial industries.

The efficiency of the space the waste takes up enhances its credentials environmentally and will save money on transportation. Our transportation is FORS (Freight Operator Recognition Scheme) compliant and we are a licensed waste carrier that will treat your waste with 0% waste to landfill . The waste is processed as a resource at a dedicated MRF (Material Recovery Facility) or going to EfW (Energy from Waste) or AD (Anaerobic Digestion) plants depending on waste type.

The amount of rubbish left on site is reduced by using a portable compactor because the machines are fitted with rear seals to eliminate liquid seepage from municipal general waste. Although a portable compactor is equally good for dry mixed waste and plastics. Suitable commercial industries includes hotels, entertainment complexes, shopping centres, leisure parks, hospitals and facility management of offices. With our services being offered in London and Kent, ideally a night collection will operate when your business is quiet and enables us to complete our work quickly and with minimum disruption to yourselves and your customers. We recommended having a segregated waste solution alongside compactors. Our business development team are ready to chat to you now so give our friendly staff a call now on 0207232 17711 or email

Static Compactors

 The back end of the compactor is bolted to the ground in a fixed position, where by a 40 yard roll on roll off is enclosed in the unit. After training your staff to best load the waste into the machine by hand balling, bin tippers or skip tipper. Once the waste is loaded  then simply press the GO button and the process of compaction begins. Once the machine is full then we will come to collect and perform a tip and return of the empty roll on roll off . This can be on demand or on a schedule . The compactor is often used by commercial contractors  and we can advise the most cost effective solution for your business.

The machine compacts all of this waste into different size containers, these maybe a RORO (Roll on Roll off) or a skip. Any of these containers can be emptied and replaced for an easy waste management solution and serviced by all our trained staff from the transportation bookings at head office to the drivers that are trained to FORS standards, this is just one of the recognised accreditations we have to support our safe operating.

Why Choose RTS Waste for your Compaction Waste Disposal Service?

RTS operate a cost effective and efficient timely service for Commercial, Industrial and Construction Sites.

  • A real-time tracking of all vehicles allows reliable scheduled collections.
  • Recycle Reports
  • Data for Site Waste Management Plan (SWMP) can be provided in collaboration with Construction Operators.
  • Services can be booked for 24 hours 7 days a week, out of hour’s charges may apply. More information on Out of Hours
  • The RTS Transport department is available for booking from 08:00am to 17:00pm. Call 0207 232 1711 or email if an existing customer email
  • All Waste Materials collected is treated at our Waste Transfer Stations in London, Kent and Somerset. Reuse, Recycle and Recovery of waste is optimised through processing at our Material Recovery Facility. See our Recycling Section for further information.

A hazardous waste disposal service can be arranged by us simply please call our freindly team on 020 7232 1711 or email

Important Features of having a compactor service

You will also need to think about access and where you will put the compactor. You should take into account the access needed by a lorry. A typical lorry is roughly 9ft wide, 14ft in height and 32ft long and has a gross weight of around 32 tonnes. You will need to bear this in mind if you require the compactor placed in a confined  space  and remember you cannot locate a compactor directly below low trees.

You are legally responsible for the contents of the compactor you hire. You need to ensure that the waste disposed in the skip is suitable for general disposal and that the RORO is not overloaded.

Portable Compactors

  • no mess made on site
  • no need for to be bolted to the ground
  • suitable on different ground surfaces
  • less space taken up
  • reduced transport

 Static Compactors

  • no mess made on site
  • Large volume of waste can be easily loaded
  • less space taken up
  • reduced transport


Roll On Roll Off 20 yd

Length (m) 6.1m        Length (ft) 20'
Width (m)2.40m       Width (ft)7'10"
Height (m)1.73m       Height (ft)5'8"

 Roll On Roll Off 40 yd

Length (m) 6.1m       Length (ft) 20'
Width (m)2.40m      Width (ft)7'10"
Height (m)2.44m      Height (ft)8'