Are you searching for a waste or recycling compactor? At RTS Waste Management we can provide both static and portable compactors. Additionally for those unsure which style of compactor is best suited to their waste needs, our trained and experienced staff will be happy to provide you with their professional advice.

The Importance Of Responsible Waste Disposal

When we hear about climate change and global warming, we often think about animals from other parts of the world at risk of extinction, or polar ice caps melting, however climate change could also have serious impacts on the United Kingdom. One potential outcome of climate change is an increased risk of flooding in both coastal and inland areas.

Responsible waste management helps the environment in many different ways, firstly it helps to reduce the amount of natural resources are used through business activities such as manufacturing. It’s also worthwhile noting that manufacturing items from recycled materials uses less energy than using virgin sources, so there are monetary advantages as well as environmental advantages.

In order to help your business become more environmentally friendly, we can provide numerous commercial recycling services with options for recycling targets ranging from 80% to Zero Landfill. We can recycle waste such as general recycling, dry mixed, wood, metal, paper, glass, plastics, and more.

Recycling Compactors Available From RTS Waste Management

Here at RTS we can provide two different types of compactors: portable and static. Here’s a quick list of some of the differences to help you identify which is best suited to your needs.

Portable CompactorsCompactor

  • No mess made on site.
  • No need for to be bolted to the ground.
  • Suitable on different ground surfaces.
  • Less space taken up.
  • Reduced transport.

Businesses which could benefit from a portable waste compactor include commercial industries such as hotels, entertainment complexes, shopping centres, leisure parks, hospitals, and facility management of offices.


Static CompactorsCompactor

  • No mess made on site.
  • Large volume of waste can be easily loaded.
  • Less space taken up.
  • Reduced transport.

This style of waste compactor is often used by commercial contractors.

However, for those who would prefer a more in depth explanation of both portable and static compactors. Here’s a more detailed description of the two types of recycling compactor available from RTS.

  • Portable Recycling CompactorsIf you’re looking for a low maintenance waste disposal service, you could choose a portable compactor. They’re available in a range of different integral container sizes from 14 and 28 metres cubed. Additionally, as these containers are not bolted to the ground, they can be located on a variety of different ground services such Recycling Compactoras tarmac, rough ground, or even block paving. The only requirement is that there must be sufficient access for our skip and hook lift lorries to collect and deliver the compactor.Our compactors are simple and easy to use, the waste is hand balled, bin lifted, or fork-lifted into a hopper where the waste material is compacted and indicators show 3/4 full or full. This enables the operator to notify us to schedule collection by one of our trained driversIn addition to being easy to use, the efficiency of a compactor will both enhance its credentials environmentally and will also save money with regards to transport. Our transportation is FORS (Freight Operator Recognition Scheme) compliant and we are a licensed waste carrier that will treat your waste with 0% waste to landfill. The waste is processed as a resource at a dedicated MRF (Material Recovery Facility) or going to EfW (Energy from Waste) or AD (Anaerobic Digestion) plants depending on waste type.


  • Static Recycling CompactorsRecycling CompactorUnlike a portable compactor, the back end of the static compactor is bolted to the ground in a fixed position, where by a 40 yard roll on roll off is enclosed in the unit. After training your staff to load the waste into the machine (either by hand balling, bin tippers, or skip tipper), simply press the GO button and the process of compaction begins.

    Once the compactor is full, a member of RTS Waste Management Staff will come to collect and perform a tip and return. This collection service can be provided on either an on-demand or a scheduled basis.

Things To Know About A Waste Recycling Compactor Service.

When considering disposing of waste using a compactor service, you need to think about where you will place the compactor. However, when considering the amount of space you need for the compactor, remember to take into account the access needed by a lorry. A typical lorry is roughly 9ft wide, 14ft in height and 32ft long and has a gross weight of around 32 tonnes.

Also please remember that you cannot locate a compactor directly below trees and you are legally responsible for all the contents of the compactor you have hired. As such, you need to ensure that the waste disposed of using the compactor is suitable for general waste disposal and is not overloaded.

Choosing a commercial waste management solution from RTS allows for significant savings on transport when using different types of industrial compactors (depending on waste type). Also, in addition to providing compactor hire and providing advice regarding which is best suited to your needs, our talented team can service existing compactors already on your business’ site.

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