Also known as RoRo skips, Roll on Roll off skips are the ideal choice for a wide range of commercial wastes. With a large storage capacity and an easy to load design, they’re great for storing a diverse selection of materials. To learn more about RoRo hire or to enquire about Roll On Roll off skip prices, get in touch with the friendly and dedicated team at RTS Waste Management today by calling 0207 232 1711.

RoRo Skip Hire In London & The Surrounding Areas

Roll on Roll off skips are the ideal choice for many different types of waste. Our comprehensive skip hire service includes a variety of choices ranging from 20 cubic yard skips to 40 cubic yard skips, and also includes options for open, enclosed, and compactor containers.

Searching For An Easy To Load Skip?

If you need a large capacity skip that’s easy to load and has an open top, we recommend our most popular RoRo skip, which is in open top container with rear door access.

What Sizes Are Available?

If you are interested in hiring a skip from RTS Waste, it is very important that you choose the correct skip for your needs. The Roll On Roll Off contains is chargeable by haulage and tonnage, not by the size of the container you choose.

Below you can find information below in regarding the specifications of the RoRos that are available for hire from RTS. This includes the specifications in both metres and feet.

20 yard3 RoRo20 Yard RORO

Length (m) 6.1m (ft) 20′

Width (m)2.40m (ft)7’10”

Height (m)1.73m (ft)5’8″


40 yard3 RoRo40 Yard RORO

Length (m) 6.1m (ft) 20′

Width (m)2.40m (ft)7’10”

Height (m)2.44m (ft)8”


If you would like to book a skip using a RoRo container service from RTS, the RTS transport department is available for booking from 07:30 – 17:00.

Where Can You Place A RoRo Skip?

Unlike ‘regular skips’ which require a permit to be placed on a public highway, RoRo skips cannot be placed on public highways, regardless. Additionally, similar to ‘regular skips’ RoRos cannot be located directly below trees.

Also, please make sure that there is adequate access is available for the lorry to collect and drop off the RoRo skip, and also check that the skip is the correct size for the location you wish to store the skip. Additionally, please remember to mention the address of the skip’s location and contact details at the site.

Finally, please remember that you are legally responsible for the contents inside the RoRo skip you hire. This means that you need to ensure that any commercial waste you dispose of through our RoRo skips must abide by our terms and conditions. For example, Roll on Roll off skips cannot be used to dispose of hazardous items including but not limited to: batteries, solvents, liquids, air-conditioning units, and electrical appliances.

Unless you have notified RTS Waste prior to order, an extra disposal fee may be charged if unsuitable waste is found inside a RoRo skip.

What Are The Advantages Of A RoRo Waste Service From RTS Waste Management?

RTS Waste Management can provide a time-efficient and cost-effective service for commercial wastes . Some of the advantages of choosing RTS Waste for RoRo skip hire include but are not limited to the following:

  • Reliable scheduled collections thanks to real-time tracking of all vehicles.
  • Recycle Reports.
  • Data for Site Waste Management Plan can be provided in collaboration with construction Operators.
  • Services can be booked 24hours a day 7 days a week. (However, please note that out of hours charges may apply).
  • The RTS transport department is available for booking from 08:00 to 17:00.
  • Most waste materials collected are treated at our Waste Transfer Stations (which are located in London, Kent, and Somerset).

Interested In Hiring A Roll On Roll Off Skip? Contact The RTS Waste Management Team Today

A Roll On Roll Off skip is a fantastic waste disposal and management service for the removal of bulk waste. This makes it ideal for office clear outs, shop fit outs, or other projects that generate waste timber, or other bulky, lightweight materials

RTS make hiring a skip easy. We understand that many can find waste disposal services confusing at times. However, our friendly staff are on hand to provide assistance and help you with the RoRo hiring process.
Additionally, with RTS, you can relax and enjoy peace of mind in the knowledge that your waste is being disposed of responsibly.

If you would like a quick quote, please click on the orange “Get In Touch” button, however if you would like more information you can call us on 0207 232 1711.

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