Site Waste Management Plans

The Regulations on SWMP’s changed on October 1 2013

The regulations and legal duty to complete or provide the right records  for a Site Waste Management Plan has been changed since October  1 2013. The governments “Red Tape Challenge” has enabled  the necessary Site Waste Management Plans to be no longer mandatory.

Reducing waste saves businesses money and with awareness and appropriate guidance by RTS Construction Advisor, it is expected that we can reduce your costs in this way.  This is because we record the information for every waste disposal movement anyway and are more than happy to assist our customers with the service they need.  If your company is involved in Demolition,Pre Construction or Construction phases it will be important to record the following information:

However, RTS recognise that major contractors have been using SWMP’s for many years. For this reason RTS continue to supply the necessary Waste Disposal records for SWMP’s that encourage the effective management of materials and ensure waste is considered at all stages of a project – from design through to completion.  Completing the SWMP requires an investment of time but using them should reduce costs and improve resource efficiency on the project.

  • Improve efficiency and profitability by promoting reuse, recycling and recovery of waste, rather than disposal.
  • Reduce fly-tipping by keeping a full audit trail of waste removed from sites and complying with waste Duty of Care regulations
  • Increase environmental awareness of your workforce and management – Plan information included in your induction training or as part of environmental awareness training.

RTS Waste has a dedicated Construction Team:

  • Trained on SWMP needs.
  • Experience in setting up your SWMP
  • Recycled Reports and data can be provided promptly and efficiently
  • Reliable high performers in reducing waste to landfill by following the Waste Hierarchy
  • Accredited with Halving Waste to Landfill
  • High Recycle rates, with options of Zero Waste to Landfill