Crossways Recycling Plant in Dartford

The nature of our business means that environmental sustainability is an important ethic that is not just key to our business but also our staff and the community we are supporting. This requires continuous foresight into discovering new techniques and solutions for recycling waste. Crossways Recycling now has a modern MRF and our usual recycling rate of 85% is now moving towards our target of Zero Landfill.

Twelve months ago in August 2012, Network Rail acquired our London recycling site (RTS in Bermondsey)  to develop the railway in the London Bridge area for expansion of Thameslink 2000.  It was no mean feat to find an alternative site as a bulking station in Bermondsey, but the challenge was grasped by Crossways to build the new recycling plant. With no disruption to our customers and  maintaining day to day business the new MRF operation has been installed.  

The Awards

The Crossways Recycling entry into the Dartford and Gravesham Business Awards (DGBA) features in the Kent Messenger 8th August 2013. Please support the application where possible. A short video clip has been compiled to show the progress with our Material Recovery Facility.

True Grit

The recycling and waste management business sector is very competitive. RTS and Crossways Recycling has to continually work hard to adapt to the changing economic climate, legislative laws governed by the UK and the EU, and the price wars instigated by national corporates.

True grit and determination to build strong community relationships have been key factors for the growing success of Crossways Recycling in a competitive market. Instead of giving in to pressures and setbacks, it is the human element of getting a quality job done at an agreeable price that enables a sustainable business solution.  

We treat our customers as individuals, not just an account number. We handle every customer differently because we get to know them. From the local primary schools and shopkeepers to larger organizations in the area such as the Blue Water shopping centre; our team tries to find an affinity and understanding of their recycling and waste management needs.

If our Kent, London or Somerset Transfer Stations can provide you a place for tipping or you require a waste management collection.

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