There are numerous different waste options available to businesses. However, how do you know which disposal and management method is most appropriate for your business and the environment?

As an experienced provider of skip hire in Maidstone and a variety of other waste services, RTS Waste Management has the knowledge and the expertise required to assist you in choosing the waste management strategy that is best suited to your business. With methods to responsibly manage and dispose of general, hazardous, and recyclable waste, our team have the skills and know-how to help your business achieve your waste management goals.

A Leading Provider Of Recycling and Waste Management Services

RTS Waste Management are a leading provider of recycling and waste management services. We understand that recycling is fundamental to the operation of any business, so our team of experts work hard to provide cost-effective recycling solutions for commercial businesses, construction sites, and industrials sites in Maidstone and other nearby areas.

The Recycling Rate In 2017/18

As we’ve just entered 2019, it’s important to look at the previous year(s) to see if there are any lessons to be learned. For example, despite the fact that England’s recycling rate rose to 45.2% in 2017, but then the 2017/18 financial year say a decline in the recycling rate. Many have attributed this fall in recycling to a restriction placed on the import of recycled materials to China, however it is very important to look back at waste management in order to learn how we can better manage the waste we produce.

For example, did you know that “In 2017/18, 42% of all waste was sent to incineration”? [source Recycling Waste World] Whilst incineration is preferable to disposal, it is still less environmentally friendly to other methods of waste management such as recycling or reuse. It’s also important to note that dry recycling was down in each quarter of 2017/18. This includes areas such as paper recycling, scrap metal recycling, and a decrease for WEEE.

The Importance Of Recycling

According to the figures from Recycling Waste World, 42% of all waste was sent to incineration. However, there are numerous waste management practices which are more beneficial to the environment that your business could utilise. For example, if you are undertaking refurbishment at your business premises, we can provide commercial skip hire in Maidstone for businesses, providing them with a convenient way to dispose of waste in a manner that complies with all relevant waste regulations and legislation.

Responsible waste management is very important. If waste is disposed of in a manner that is inappropriate for the materials being disposed of, it can have very serious environmental consequences. For example, items of food waste in landfill release methane gas as they break down. This gas is significantly more powerful than carbon dioxide as a heat trapping gas and as such contributes to global warming and climate change.

Additionally, it’s important to note that items of Plasterboard Gypsum waste cannot be disposed of via landfill. If Gypsum is disposed of in a landfill there is a risk that hydrogen sulphide gas could be released as the material breaks down. Hydrogen sulphide is a very dangerous gas; it is poisonous, corrosive, and flammable. As further evidence of the toxic nature of this dangerous gas, it’s also thought that The Permian-Triassic extinction event (the most severe extinction event in the history of the Earth) was caused by a build-up of this specific gas and killed over 90% of all life on the planet.

At RTS Waste Management, we can provide a wide range of waste services to help your business recycle more of your waste. For example, whilst Plasterboard Gypsum waste cannot be disposed of at mixed waste landfills, it can be recycled. When this material is recycled, 94% of the waste is sent back to the Gypsum manufacturer and can be used to make cement, blocks, and it can even be used to improve the quality of soil for farmers.

Other Waste Management Options In The Waste Hierarchy

RTS offer professional recycling services with real-time tracking and recycle reports. However, it is important to note that recycling is not the only option in the waste hierarchy; there are other methods of disposal which could be more beneficial to the environment.

The waste hierarchy is as follows, in order of most preferable to least preferable: prevention, reuse, recycling, recovery, and disposal.

Whilst recycling is a fantastic method of waste management that is more preferable to disposal, it is important to note that some items (such as paper and cardboard) can only be recycled a limited amount of times and whilst it is possible to make wood a sustainable resource, it takes times for trees to grow, so we need to make the most out of the wood we have today, so we can continue to access this resource in the future. This means that it is also important to look at the two previous steps on the hierarchy, prevention and reuse.

Preventing items of waste from becoming waste in the first place is always preferable to any method of disposal, recovery, or recycling. This is sometimes referred to as a zero waste strategy, where all the ‘waste’ produced by your business is used by another as a resource.

In addition to providing cost and environmental benefits, following the waste hierarchy could provide your business with a positive reputation boost. Many members of the general public are becoming increasingly more eco-conscious and as a result of this increased knowledge, they are making business and purchasing decisions based upon how eco-friendly a business is, additionally many individuals and businesses actively search for organisations that are eco-friendly.

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