FAQ for Trade Waste

I have a question about  trade waste services?

We usually work on 3 working days for deliveries. During peak periods this can be extended to 5-7 working days.

If you need to change how often your waste is collected, then please email orders@rtswaste.co.uk or call 020 7232 1711 and we will look into amending your collection schedule to better suit your needs.

If you need an additional bins or bin lift for your site please contact us by emailing orders@rtswaste.co.uk or by calling 020 7232 1711 and we’ll arrange this for you. All correspondence it would be useful to have your RTS Waste account number and site postcode.

If you find you’re often requesting additional bin lift, you may benefit from more or larger bins. If you’r not sure of the sizes, then we can arrange a free waste audit to visit your site to help you decide on the options available.

How to avoid a missed waste collection

RTS pride itself in a first class service and never intend to miss any collections. However it may happen for a number of reasons that can be avoided:

  1. If you try to make sure there are no obstructions to the waste containers.
  2. Please do not over fill bins as there are weight limits to lifting containers for Health and Safety reasons. 
  3. If our operators class the waste as contaminated with incorrect waste then your service may become interrupted as it may require a different fleet to collect that waste type. 
  4. Ensure that full access to containers with no parked cars or locked gates to prevent us getting to empty the container. 

Our team is here to listen and understand your needs for service and if there are offered schedule days for access then talk to us. Either email orders@rstwaste.co.uk or call 020 7232 1711.

We pride ourselves in a flexible and reliable service to our customers. Therefore we offer a daily, weekly and  fortnightly schedule services. You choose the days and we will place you in an appropriate trade waste round. Occasionally ,the schedule will vary over bank holidays so please ensure you notify us if you are closed on bank holidays. Otherwise will will attend as normal.

Although you notify us of the schedule when you open your account with us, we can change that schedule and frequency. Just contact us by email to orders@rtswaste.co.uk or call us on 020 7232 1711.

Sorry for any inconvenience. Contact us as soon as possible by email to orders@rstwaste.co.uk or call 020 7232 1711. Please state the site postcode. 

All our fleet are realtime tracked therefore we can demonstrate when we visit or do not visit sites. Therefore, we can quickly check up to inform you the status and organise a rescheduled visit if necessary. 

We will advise why this has happened as there could be some genuine reason such as there was no transport access when we visited. 

If your bin has been damaged, please email orders@rtswaste.co.uk with your business name , RTS Waste account number and postcode and one of the team will be in touch about a replacement. If you would like to speak to someone on the phone, you can call the office on 020 7232 1711

Yes, we ask for a signed contract prior to starting our Bin and Bag Trade Waste collections. There are serval reasons why a contract is important. First of all, it acts as the Waste Transfer Note between our business, this is a legal requirement and something that we both need to add legitimacy to the services we are performing for you. Secondly, it adds in some security for us and you, it’s there to ensure we do our job and that you agree to use us working for you.

If you have any questions about the contract, please get in touch with our operations or account managers via the Get in Touch form or email or call 020 7232 1711 

Yes of course and it is FREE.  We have representatives that are readily available to come and see your business to discuss your waste and recycling needs and give our expert opinion on what would suit your business needs. 

If you would like to meet a member of our team then please use the Get In Touch contact form or call 0207232 1711. 

A Duty of Care or Waste Transfer Note is a legal document that businesses that produce waste are legally required to have. The document covers the business and the owner under the Environmental Protection Act 1990. 

You must keep your Duty of Care / Waste Transfer Notes for AT LEAST TWO YEARS  and be able to produce them to the Environmental Agency or Local Authority. RTS Waste provide your Duty of Care FREE of charge, where many other companies charge separately for this annually. 

As a business that produces waste, you are responsible for legal compliance and have a licenced waste carrier to dispose of your waste. By working with RTS Waste Management you have done the right thing. All our services are performed in a compliant manner as per EA, HSE and Government regulations.  

If you have an other questions or you would like a copy of your Duty f Care, then please email orders@rtswaste.co.uk or call 020 7232 1711.

We’re sorry that you wish to cancel your services with us, is there anything we can do?
Please send in an email to orders@rtswaste.co.uk that you wish to stop your services and your account manager will be in touch.

Please contact us via email to orders@rtswaste.co.uk or by calling 020 7232 1711 and we will get this set up for you.

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