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How do we work with Farms to dispose of their waste?

Since RTS Waste is a licensed Waste Transfer Station  we can assist farmers to remove and dispose of their unwanted natural and non-natural waste.

Specifically, RTS Waste  respect the Waste management knowledge that farmers and other agricultural sector specialists already. Nevertheless,  if you would like help then do not hesitate to contact us  by using the Contact Form or calling our knowledgeable team.  

What legislation should you beware of?

Importantly, everyone has a Duty of Care to the environment. Always follow the government legislation from DEFRA, and professional Chartered Institute of Waste Management CIWM and EA regulations. Indeed, make sure you secure that any transfer of waste is only to an authorised person or waste management company.

Beyond the licence, what makes us different? 

Above all we are local in Kent, friendly and very trustworthy.  

What types of waste can we dispose of for you?

Because farms produce Natural and Non-Natural wastes, hence as a waste management company, we can treat and dispose of both these waste types. For example here are some non natural waste types we accept:

  • Feed bags
  • Non contaminated containers
  • General packaging
  • Silage wrap
  • HDPE from construction

Additionally  the Natural wastes are:

  • For instance manure
  • Maybe poultry houses and slaughterhouses
  • harvest waste
  • fertiliser run- off from fields
  • pesticides that enter into water, air or soils
  • lastly, salt and silt drained from fields.

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