Retail Waste Management

Retail Relies on Recycling

Today waste management has a significant impact on retail businesses. As a result RTS Waste are a local leading provider of retail waste disposal and management in London and Kent. Because we offer a simple solution of bins or bags for a variety of retail businesses.  But also can supply a comprehensive Integrated Waste Management solution for larger retailers.

Since it is important to  support your company’s environmental policies. For that reason we recycle the highest percentage possible. In turn closing the circular economy loop . 

On account of recycling  improves consumers  perception. Hence better consumer awareness leads to more sales. In other words better purchasing decisions. You focus on your business, and let RTS Waste provide a reliable Waste Management and collection service.


Nevertheless, we all have a Duty of Care to protect the environment. As a result you can trust that your waste is served by a licensed waste management company. 

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    To demonstrate that we work with all size businesses

    Below you can see some examples of the type of retail businesses we work with to provide waste disposal and collection services across London and Kent: 

    • Single shop
    • Shopping Centre/Mall   
    • Street Markets
    • Arcades
    • Department Store   
    • Supermarket   
    • Hairdressers   
    • Take Away 
    • Cafe /Tea Room 
    • Charity Shop

    Primarily retail use Trade waste bin collections with different sized wheelie bins. For smaller shops with no space for a bin, we have a bag collection service. 

    In contrast larger department stores, shopping centres or supermarkets can use multiple bins . Or even use  balers and compactors. Conveniently these can be emptied out of hours if needed. 

    Our Approach

    Primarily no two businesses are the same. It’s why we adapt to your business needs

    Firstly we visit your Business premises/sites. Once we are familiar with your way of working  we identify new ways to save costs. Sometimes, your waste can generate revenue.Together we can drive best practice.

    • Its a hands on integrated approach
    • that enables us to reduce YOUR waste
    • Pinpoint YOUR recycling opportunities
    • and maximise YOUR resource throughout your operations. 

    Of course ,we are happy to perform a free waste audit. This  recommends waste solution for yourRetail business.  We are approachable, reliable and affordable. 

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      What service are you interested in?