Integrated Waste Management

Your business is our business, that’s why we work with you to pioneer new ways to optimise your resources, save costs, maximise returns, and ensure your business’ waste operations are fully compliant with any and all legal regulations and obligations.

Interested in learning more about how integrated waste management from RTS can help your business?

The RTS Waste Management Approach

We understand that no two businesses are ever the same, in order to provide a waste management solution that is optimised for your business’ unique circumstances; we tailor our service to adapt our approach to your needs. We start by familiarising ourselves with your business’ operations; not sat behind our desks at the end of an email, but from your site working with you, immersing ourselves in your professional work so we can understand your business ethos and ambitions.

RTS Waste Integrated Waste Management
Through this initial process, our team of experts will be able to identify new ways to save costs and turn your waste into revenue generators. Thanks to our hands-on and integrated approach to waste management, we will be able to reduce your waste, pinpoint your recycling opportunities and maximise your resources throughout your business operations.

Adapting To Meet The Needs Of Different Industries

We have worked alongside a wide range of different industries, managing and disposing of waste in manners that are both legally compliant and environmentally conscious.
  • Construction With regards to our work in the construction industry, we can provide a wide range of waste management services in a single waste solution, assisting businesses as they divert waste from landfill and take advantage of previously unidentified recycling opportunities.This can be achieved by processing waste as a resource, for example plastic waste which is generated on site can be converted into heavy oil which can be traded as fuel. This prevents a significant amount of waste from being sent to landfill and can result in large cost savings.>
  • Facility ManagementWe can provide a diverse range of integrated services for businesses operating in the facility management industry. These waste management solutions include but are not limited to general waste disposal, mixed recycling, food waste,clinical waste, confidential waste, and hazardous waste including asbestosAdditionally, in order to ensure that we remain engaged with your business at both an operational and strategic level, our dedicated account managers will drive continuous improvement and identify opportunities for cost reductions.
  • Integrated Waste Management Since 2012 we have been working hard to forge new innovations in resource management, assisting our clients to achieve environmental compliance. We can provide a range of bespoke waste solutions to reduce landfill, increase recycling, and dispose of materials in responsible manners.We can provide annual and site specificaudits which focus on integral segregation of waste, resulting in increased recycling rates and the application of the waste hierarchy in line with any new waste streams coming into business operations.
  • Plasterboard As a specialist in plasterboard recycling, we have partnered with London’s leading construction companies, providing mobile compaction services 24/7; resulting in an efficient method of responsible waste management.
  • Food Recycling We have been working in partnership with some of London’s most popular companies since 2006, providing them with compliance and our skills as a local, reliable, and responsive waste management team that react quicker than national waste operators.Our efforts regarding food recycling can help your business to achieve your green goals, we can provide annual audits to assist your business to continuously improve, and we can help to reduce gate frees and cut other costs through increased recycling

How Much Money Could We Save Your Business?

With our integrated waste management services, we can help your business to modify your waste management practices so that it benefits the environment and saves your business money. In the construction industry, one of our clients reported a cost saving of £50k; whereas with regards to the food waste industry, one of our clients reported a saving of 40% on their annual waste spend.

Total Waste Management From RTS

The RTS Waste Management team provide your business with a reliable and responsible waste management service for all waste streams, all containers, all equipment, in a manner that complies with all relevant regulations and legislation. Our account managers provide a single point of contact and our regular site meetings keep you up to date regarding agreed KPI’s.Additionally, another advantage of working with RTS is our online portal. This gives you access to your services, booking, and recycling reports, allows you to schedule collections, and provides you with the option for paperless tickets.

Professional And Reliable Services With Competitive Rates And No Hidden Charges

As a leading provider of total waste management solutions, if you choose to dispose of your business’ waste with RTS, you can enjoy peace of mind in the knowledge that we will uphold all legal compliance and aspire toward continuous improvement.If you would like more information regarding the waste management services that are available or how we can help your company achieve zero to landfill, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with a member of staff by calling 0207 232 1711.Additionally, clients can also contact our team by email: Commercial clients interested in our waste management servicesare advised to email our Commercial Business Development Director, Harry Sirpal - clients who would like to discuss waste disposal are advised to send an email to James Redmond, who is our sales director for construction clients -