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January 2017

 Just listened to the Theresa May speech about the government plans for BREXIT negotiations and the 12 objectives. A “HARD BREIXT” will impact of the Waste Industry if your waste is currently being exported. RTS Waste do not export waste. We believe in a closed loop solution and work within the UK only.
A circular economy with zero waste to landfill is still our target.  

Mark Redmond RTS Waste MD would like to launch  our 2017 Newsletter with announcing

“RTS Waste Reaches New Heights”

inspired by this great photo of the Dartfordians RFC 1st IX team that RTS Waste sponsor:-

RTS Waste Management sponsor Local Kent Rugby Club


RTS Waste wants what every good business wants  to grow and be prosperous! The difference with RTS Waste  is that we work with our customers as business partners !

2017 is going to be a push into the Kent region to provide the same high quality, reliable service that we have been providing in London for many years. Having our own Material Recovery Facility (MRF) based in Dartford Kent, the waste will come straight into our Crossways Transfer Station and be treated as a resource for Reuse and Recycled materials.Kent skip hire launch is an exciting project run by our sales team. To find out more please call 01332 380 123 or email sales@rtswaste.co.uk

We have a large London customer base and wanted to let you all know that if you also have work in Kent then give us a call so we can offer you skip hire (More Info here) and other waste disposal service in Kent too. Call the Kent office on 01322 380 123 or email sales@rtswaste.co.uk

This Newsletter is to inform our customers of ways of making your life easier with improved services we can offer, so please read on and if you are interested in our PROMOTIONAL offers then just let us know in the usual ways.

RTS Waste are here to build relationships.Today’s waste is tomorrow’s future

Kent Skip Hire Launch

For many years RTS Waste Management have had a recycling depot in Dartford Kent. Kent skip hire launch by RTS Waste means we are now offering waste disposal services from this depot too.  With more than 30 years in the waste industry , we are one of the most experienced skip hire company in the area, which means you can rely on us to deliver on time and with no hassle. We can supply in any size you require and are ready to deliver immediately. FREE QUOTES are available on request . Just call 01322 380 123 or email us at sales@rtswaste.co.uk

More information here www.rtswaste.co.uk/kent-skip-hire

RTS Waste know what customers expect when it comes to service. Now pushing into the Kent market to make an equally prolific name for ourselves. You can be sure of receiving a high quality service.

Give our friendly trained team a  call today on 01322 380 123 or email sales@rtswaste.co.uk.

This is our postcode coverage for reference for  Kent skip hire launch and other waste disposal services are also available.

Implementing Digital Devices

Our IT Project Leader Katie Blackmore announced that “From February 2017 we will be implementing our new digital driver apps on the skip and roll on vehicles.” an exciting advancement “We are here to become more environmentally friendly together and please be assured, you will all be kept updated on our progress moving forward with this project. ”

She would like to reassure all the RTS customers “As this will be a trial phase, please note that by site staff signing the paper and digital tickets, you will not be charged twice as both signatures will be for the same job number.

The RTS customer service manager will be in contact at the next stage of this project which will be to phase out the paper tickets.”

Promotional Night Service

From 1st March 2017 RTS are promoting a Night Service of your Wheeled Bins and Bag collections.  This will enable all the offices and businesses that have a cleaning service coming in after normal hours to put the rubbish out and then RTS Waste will be running a waste collection service between the hours of 9:00 pm to 5:00 am in the London area. using our small dust cart for these collections enables us to avoid the 18 tonne weight restriction for London traffic.

So if you would like to consider moving over to this Night Service then please give our Business Development  team a call to make the arrangements. This service has no additional charges and could be beneficial to your business by having the waste collected at a more convenient time when there is less traffic and pedestrian congestion. There are also environmental benefits to having the waste collected at the earliest opportunity.

Call 0207 232 1711 or email sales@rtswaste.co.uk & ask for NIGHT SERVICE

 Separate Waste Collections Saves Money

Leading on from the the above article RTS want to emphasise the NEED for our customers to separate their waste. You may have received emails from us requesting to come to your site to do a waste audit.

RTS offer General Waste, Dry Mixed Recycle and Glass collections. It will be CHEAPER for you and better for the environment if you separate your dry recycle materials.  For Orders, Quotations or Queries call 0207 232 1711

Recently, we have noticed there has been a rise in contaminated loads and this has led to RTS performing checks on each bin that we service. If the waste is not correctly separated then there could be additional costs incurred. Please take time to put the right waste in your bins.

DRY MIXED RECYCLING : Cardboard, Paper, Plastic, Glass, Cans


For more information visit our website:  RTS Waste Services

Our Extended Family

This edition of our headline NEWS we would like to introduce you to our IT Project Leader :

Katie Blackmore as IT Project Leader

Katie has been with RTS Waste since 2013 and bring with her extensive IT experience from a few different industries. Her role is to guide RTS Waste through the continuous implementation of technological improvements, particularly on the logistics software used to run our waste collection services. 

Katie is a bit “Mad” she won’t mind me saying that. She is always looking to try new things ! For example last weekend she was very relaxed at a target practice range with a Beretta M1923  in her hands !

As IT Project Leader Katie says the people she works with is the best part of her job, particularly sitting opposite Emma and the commute from Ashford to Bermondsey is the worst. Perhaps it’s because Katie prefers sky diving that being on the congested A2 and M20  roads frustrates her…. doesn’t it  frustrate all us commuters? Katie works alongside a great team of people in the RTS Transport Department to assist in keeping our logistics running. With 40 vehicles in our entire fleet the odd dropping in with a parachute would be most useful sometimes. Although unrealistic! Stick to your dream job Katie of being a Sky Diving camera woman.