Congratulations from a Bermondsey Resident

Today our Customer Service Manager received a complimentary email about the outstanding behaviour, when servicing our long term customer Bermondsey Square Hotel.

Copy of the email:

“Sent: 28 November 2017 14:00
To: Info
Subject: non client feedback

Dear Folks

Just want to write to speak of both my amazement and my delight about the high standard of service your company achieves:
As a resident living near the Bermondsey Hotel (and its delivery bay), for several weeks now I have been hugely impressed by RTS Waste- by the quietness of the vehicle collecting the hotel’s waste, and by the staff manning the vehicle: The workers don’t indulge in shouted conversation during their task; nor do they loudly bang the bins as they move them about; nor do they slam the door that gives access to the room containing those bins; nor do they slam either door of the waste collection vehicle once their task has been completed….
Astonishing behaviour indeed !! As many local residents can confirm, there is a regular stream of activity in that loading bay area (all hours of the day and night), and we have to put up with what I term the “Hark! Man at Work!” syndrome: make as much noise as possible so everyone knows you are there….
Very frustrating-and very inconvenient in the summertime: unless you’re a very sound sleeper, it is very unwise to leave open any windows (to cool the inevitable heat) otherwise you’ll be wakened several times.
But definitely not so with your company’s service and staff! It’s like dying and going to Delivery/Collection Heaven !! In the ideal world, all companies would mimic your company’s sterling example.
Anyway, big kudos to RTS for its high standard of consideration and respectfulness towards the community surrounding the clients they serve. I assure you, it is greatly appreciated and valued by local residents!

(Name withheld by request)”

So good to have a feel good factor about our drivers and all the employees behind the scenes enabling such good service.