The Real World of Waste

How RTS collects and processes waste using our Material Recovery Facility

If waste is a by-product of your business, you need a firm that’s not afraid to get its hands dirty. RTS Waste Management Limited would like to demonstrate how we handle your waste with reliability, responsiveness and professionalism, along with the importance of the Waste Hierarchy and how we work with our customers to segregate waste and have a minimum impact on the environment. RTS is an end-to-end service,starting at your site, We supply the right containers for you to sort your waste on site, ready for collection – from refuse sacks and bins, up to skips, RORO’s and mobile compaction for bulkier items. Our friendly approach to providing the best possible service to our customers is key, from the operational support team in booking orders, the dispatch of vehicles by our transport team, the drivers and operatives on site, then the treatment of waste will begin.

As they say pictures is worth a million words and this is why we have created this video to show you first hand how we work. If you are not yet one of our existing customers then give us a call now so we can assist with any specific waste management requirements you might have; Call 0207 232 1711 or email .

We know that with our expertises in waste and how this is used as a source of material for Reuse, Recycle and Recovery you will benefit by reducing your bottom line and support your commitment to your own sustainability carbon emissions targets.