A Fine Line has been Crossed

RTS Waste want to maintain the most cost effective service to all our customers for Skip Hire, Commercial & Industrial Waste (C&I), Construction and Demolition (C&D)  and Municipal Solid Waste (MSW) as well as Dry Mixed Recyclable (DMR) and still protect the environment we live in. The government announced new legislation is to come into force in May 2014 for additional landfill tax to be placed on non inert fines.  This will put pressure on all of the Waste Industry. We need every ones support to try to stop this happening.

What are "Fines" in the Waste Industry?

At RTS Waste our modern Material Recovery Facility (MRF) utilises the treatment of waste with screening and a trommel that filters out fines. Fines is the residue that is less than 10 mm and  falls through the screening trommel.

 The treatment of  fines produced from DMR and C&D is not an issue as there is no organic materials from theses sources. These fines will be composed of aggregates, glass, soils etc and can be classified as inert. However, the problem comes if the fines from Commercial, Industrial or Municipal waste is mixed with this higher quality. The difficulty for Waste Management companies is proving that these types of fines are not mixed.  The responsibility of checking the quality of fines loads is with the Landfill inspectors on admission of each load. Enforcement of monitoring and correct declaration of taxes has driven the Government to make the decision to change the legislation. A "Fine line has been crossed."


Stop This "Fines Mess"

RTS Waste really care about this as we want to commit low pricing for our services to all our customers this is why we ask that we all sign this important petition. It will not take long, just follow the link below/: