Separate Plasterboard Waste Collections

The Environmental Agency clearly states:

  • Total ban on disposal of plasterboard waste at mixed waste landfills
  • The previous 10% rule is gone; the regulations are valid for any amount of plasterboard waste. A zero tolerance policy will be applied
  • Obligation for Household Waste Recycling Centre’s, construction & demolition contractors and transfer/sorting facilities to segregate plasterboard waste
  • Obligation to try to recycle and treat as much of the waste as possible

RTS Waste have a dedicated Plasterboard Collection Service to ensure that everyone can achieve the zero tolerance policy set by the Environmental Agency. WE have dedicated Compaction vehicles that can collected plasterboard that you segregate into wheeled bins on your site. This dedicated vehicle then returns to our Waste Transfer Station for treatment. The plasterboard is 100% recycled. The Plasterboard will be processed to recycle the gypsum powder back into new manufacturing Please read our Plasterboard recycling page here. The paper is removed from the plasterboard and the paper itself is recycled into other materials.

To book this service please contact our Office by:
calling 020 7232 1711 or 0800 074 7423
or email