Don’t Just Slam Dunk Your Junk!

For the last three years Recycle Week has been taking place to encourage us all to not just Slam Dunk our Junk but to consider its alternative use. Psychology indicates that given our complex relationship between beliefs, attitudes and behaviour, customers will come to believe in the issue shortly after they realise they’re already embodying sustainable behaviour with their consumption and waste disposal habits. It is the job of Waste Management companies like RTS Waste to bring help about constructive change, then they may have to lead the way in deciding how responsible we ALL can be.

Recycle Week 2013 is due to begin June 17, is set to turn its focus to ‘recycling at home and away’ in 2013, with emphasis on recycling packaging, metals, plastics, textiles and food waste collections.

Ethical Choices to Reduce Waste at Source

Progress has been made over the last three years that this campaign has been running. Dealing with waste and recycling properly not only makes environmental sense but also good business sense. The public and businesses have made great strides in recycling and over the next decade we can look forward to doing much more to reduce waste in the first place. The source of waste issues still lies very much with the production, manufacturers and distributors with packaging that could and should be more environmentally friendly. Do we honestly consciously analyse a purchase decision on researching the manufacturing process of certain goods. NO, of course not, it is far too onerous on our time, we believe in trusting the brands we buy from. Some of use like to take into account local sourcing or social values of brand appeal. The promotion of Recycle Week is to push the attention to everyone globally that there is a risk if the waste is not reduced at source.

Buffet the Storm of Negative Influence

Reusing and Recycling products and materials will also open up new avenues for UK Business in growing domestic and export markets. The UK Recycling sector now generates more than £13 million a year in sales or recycled materials, employs more than 40,000 people and contributes around £3 billion of additional value each year to the UK Economy. Whilst Waste Management companies buffet the storm of negative influences as reported by University of Southampton on 14th May 2013 “Public opinion of waste management facilities can influence where sites are located and how waste management services are delivered. Obtaining the support of communities around municipal solid waste (MSW) facilities is an important part of the successful operation of these services”

Visit Us During Recycle Week

As part of Recycle Week 2013 RTS Waste would like to invite the local communities to visit our Waste Transfer Station in Dartford Kent to enlighten and increase knowledge of how waste is treated; reused and recycled materials collected. Learn more about our Material Recovery Facility (MRF). Please make an appointment in advance by calling 0207 232 1711