Our Material Recovery Facility (MRF)

Operating out of the heart of London, Kent and Somerset, we are equipped to recycle dry waste. RTS pursues a policy of recovery and reuse first and foremost, focusing on finding recyclable solutions for all processed waste. Only a small amount of material without viable recycling/reuse is considered for RDF.

A Material Recovery Facility (MRF) is a design of processes that flow together to enable waste to be segregated into the different materials with accuracy, ensuring maximum recovery and reuse of every viable kg of waste processed. On-going investment of time and finance into new technology and refinement of extracting quality materials at the MRF enables more recycled materials to enter new markets and sustains the environment by avoiding landfill.

About our Waste Facilities

Our new MRF located in Kent has been designed to provide efficient material recovery with the wide range of incoming waste, from Commercial and Industrial through to Construction and Demolition.

butions_chatHow Waste is Processed at RTS Waste

Incoming waste is pre-sorted using select-a-grab machine, oversize and unsuitable items are put to the side for manual sorting while all other materials are loaded onto the recovery plant.

Through a series of screening machines, air separation units, magnet separators, eddy current separators and manual picking/quality control the waste is segregated into four streams:

Stream 1: Oversize fraction (100mm +)

Polythene, rigid plastics, wood, paper, cardboard, ferrous and non-ferrous

Stream 2: Medium Fraction (10mm < 100mm)

Rigid plastics, wood, paper, cardboard, ferrous and non-ferrous

Stream 3: Heavy Fraction

Stone/brick etc., wood, ferrous and non – ferrous

Stream 4: Fines (0<10mm)

Soils, glass, small stone, small wood, ferrous and non-ferrous