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Why Recycle Plasterboard?

Plasterboard is also known as Gypsum.

In the US and in Europe Plasterboard waste  disposed of in landfills have allegedly created the dangerous Hydrogen Sulphide Gas (H2S like Rotten Eggs)

The Plasterboard waste in itself is not hazardous but when mixed with organic waste, and exposed to rain in an anaerobic environment, this is when the reaction occurs.

For this reason in the UK Plasterboard can no longer be disposed of in simple inert landfills and is regulated to be disposed of in controlled environments.

Inner plasterboard Construction Waste

As Plasterboard cannot be mixed in other waste containers RTS will arrange separate containers for all Plasterboard, whether it is a Roll On Roll Off, Skip, Wheeled Bin,  Sacks.

A good solution for a collection os a small amount of plasterboard along with other waste is to request a Jumbo Bag. Our Jumbo bags a cheap at £5 for a plat packed bag. The bag measures 1 cubic meter and can hold up to 200 kg of plasterboard. A separate Waste Transfer Note (WTN) will be issued for this waste to confirm Duty of Care is followed and the waste material will be recycle appropriately at a licensed end destination.

Call our Technical Sales Team on 020 7232 1711 for further information. Visit our Plasterboard Compaction Service page.

Why Use RTS for this Service?

RTS Waste has been recycling Plasterboard for many years and has an efficient process in place. With separate Plasterboard collections and segregated stock piles that is effectively sent for recycling. This leads to a competitive price being offered to Construction clients that has won many partnerships in this field.

How is the Plasterboard Recycled?

Plasterboard can easily be recycled, 94% of the waste is recycled and sent back to the Gypsum manufacturer, so they can make new plasterboard with it. Recycled Gypsum powder will be used for a variety of uses:

  • To make new plasterboard
  • As a key ingredient in cement
  • As an alternative material to make blocks and bricks
  • As a basic part in the growing of mushrooms
  • Improving soil quality for farmers

RTS Waste Targets a 100% recycling of Plasterboard to hit our zero landfill target.