Soil and Green Waste

Why Recycle Soil?

Soil is a fundamental and ultimately finite resource that fulfills a number of functions and services for society which are central to sustainability. The surplus soil or natural excavated soils from construction sites has historically ended up in landfill sites. This practice has become unacceptable because of two main reasons:

Properly managed soils are a valuable resource and can be suitably recycled. Any Construction project exceeding more than £300,000 must identify Soil as one of its material in its SWMP (Site Waste Management Plan) and its intended final destination and use.

Soil is reused into further sustainable uses such as:

  • Quality Top Soil
  • Stock Soils
  • Blended Soils
  • Blended Landscape Aggregate
  • Decorative Aggregate
  • Garden compost

How Soil is Recycled?

Soils can be collected from site either segregated or mixed in with mixed construction waste. RTS recommend the use of either skips, Roll On Roll Offs or Grab Loaders depending on our customer requirements.

When the soil is mixed with other waste types, the waste is treated and processed through our Material Recovery Facility and screened.  Once separated into a reused material the recovered soil will be shipped to its final destination dependent on its quality.


On occasions Contaminated Soil will require a specialised analysis and certificate to breakdown the exact contents within the soil.

Call our Technical Sale Team for further Information – 0207 232 1711

Why Recycle Green Waste?

Green Waste includes:

  • Small scale garden waste; hedge trimmings, grass cuttings, shrubs, plants, flowers and leaves
  • Food waste; fruit vegetables
  • Tree debris; no larger than 200mm log size and less than 1500mm in length.

As this waste type varies in product type there are different treatments that need to be used for the waste to be reused and recycled.  Please book a dedicated service for this waste type by calling our Technical Sales Team on 0207 232 1711. If you require a Tipping Service of Green waste at any of our Waste Transfer Stations also please call in advance to ensure there is capacity at the time to treat your waste.

Recycled Products from Green Waste

Produced at a specialised end destination the following recycled products can be made from Green Waste:

  • High Specification Compost
  • Topsoil
  • Biodegradable Packaging
  • Agricultural Products
  • Livestock Bedding
  • Horticultural Products
  • Landscaping products

Contaminated Green Waste

If the waste is classed as contaminated then carful licensed management is required. For example Japanese Knot Weed is NOT allowed to go to landfill or been transported into a Normal Licensed Waste Transfer Station.

For advice please call our Technical Sales Team on 0207 232 1711