Tyres and Textiles

Why Recycle Tyres?

Tyres are made from vulcanised rubber. This is a very tough form of chemically enhanced rubber.

There are more end uses for the use of recycle tyres which avoids waste going to Landfill and endorses Environmental Sustainability.

How Tyres can be Recycled

Tyres can be chipped and used in a variety of ways:

  • Carpet underlay
  • Equestrian Ménage flooring
  • Soft cushioning material for children's play areas
  • Rubber flooring in Gyms and Industrial areas
  • Packaging filler as rubber crumb

RTS Waste can manage a recycle service for a quantity of Tyres to be collected simultaneously. This is a cost effective method for disposal of Tyres and ensuring zero landfill. Call our Technical Sales Team for further information on 0207 232 1711

Why Recycle Textiles?

Textiles found in General Waste are mostly clothing, soft furnishings, sheets, towels and carpets.

Construction Fit Out and Refurbishment Projects are a good source for Carpet tiles; these are excellent recyclable textile materials. RTS can manage reuse in a very cost effective and sustainable way assisting with recycle targets.

How are the Textiles recycled?

  • Carpets and Carpet tiles that are dry and in good quality can be reused and therefore resold.
  • Clothing from consumers which is dry and reasonable quality is commonly sent to charities for resale and reuse in other countries.
  • Other textiles will need to be processed, some of these are sent to Fibre Reclamation Mills which grade incoming material into type and colour. The textiles are shredded and blended with other selected fibres, depending on the intended end use of the recycled yarn.
  • The fibres can also be compressed for mattress production.
  • Textiles sent to the flocking industry are shredded to make filling material for car insulation, roofing felts, loudspeaker cones, panel linings and furniture padding.

RTS Waste offered a special collection service for Textile collections depending on type and quantity of the textiles. For further assistance please call our Technical Sales Team 020 7232 1711

Products made from recycled Textiles:

  • New Clothes and Fashion accessories
  • Yarns
  • Mattresses and furniture padding
  • Insulating products
  • Roofing Felts
  • Granulated Polyester pellets
  • Industrial cloths