Why Recycle Wood?

It is estimated that 1.6 billion cubic metres (m3) of timber is harvested worldwide. Of this approximately 50 million m3 is used in the UK annually.

The closely allied activities of demolition and construction produce around 750,000 tonnes of wood waste every year. Packaging waste (pallets and crates) produce a further 670,000 tonnes whilst it is estimated that households account for 420,000 tonnes of wood waste per year.

The Wood Recyclers Associations (WRA) categorises wood waste in four main grades:

How is the Wood Recycled?

Wood waste can be collected via a number of routes depending on its source, amount and  Grade.  Once the grade of wood is established the material is processed to ensure there are no nails, paints, glues, plastic rubber attached.

Grade A “Clean Wood”

Sources are Retailers, Packaging, Pallets, Distribution, and Secondary Manufacture

Types accepted – Solid softwood, hardwood packaging, scrap pallets, packing cases, cable drums and off cuts

Grade B (Grade A) +

Sources are construction, demolition and transfer stations

Types accepted are building and demolition and domestic furniture made from solid wood

Grade C “Fuel Grade” (Grade A, B) +

Sources are recycled and municipal collections

Types accepted are flat pack furniture, fencing, Chipboard, MDF, plywood and fibreboard

Grade D “Hazardous Waste” (Grade A, B, C) +

Sources are other with treated chemicals and contaminated

Types accepted are Railway Sleepers, Transmission Poles, Fences and Cooling Towers

Why Choose RTS for this Service?

RTS can offer segregated wood collections.

For Commercial and Industrial sites there are skips and Roll On Off services that can be on site and collected on demand.

For Construction sites there are many alternatives to facility the type of build/project taking place.

  • Skips and ROROs are available on site with on demand exchanges and collections.
  • Dedicated Wood Construction wheeled Bins with labels can be provided, to assist with your SWMP (Site Waste Management Plan)
  • Wait and Load services with caged Lorries can be organised for sites with limited room for container storage and transport restrictions.
  • Construction compaction collections are popular in London to minimise crucial space usage on site.

For further information and call our Technical Sales Team 020 7232 1711 or email sales@rtswaste.co.uk 

The Recycled Uses of Wood are:

  • Exported Biomass
  • Biomass/ Energy UK
  • Pathways and Coverings
  • Mulches and Composts
  • Animal/Poultry Bedding/ Equestrian Surfacing
  • Export Panel Board
  • Panel Board