Can Waste Transfer Notes Be Replaced ?

On 9th December 2013 Defra have announced a consultation period on the possible reform of the alternative to separate  Waste Transfer Notes (WTN's) 

Traditionally, Waste Transfer Notes accompany each movement of waste to provide proof of environmental compliance to the European Law. The Government has the Red Tape Challenge to reconsider the scope of some ways that businesses have to operate for the better.  If this consultation cuts through the Red Tape then it is a breakthrough and there will be a Reform on Waste Transfer Notes.   Flexibility in the types of documents used to provide the necessary information of Weights and European Waste Catalogue (EWC) codes, would  save on the printing of additional paper in vast vast  quantities, which in its own right is an environmental issue. Of course there has been options of on line WTN's using bespoke software or the imminent introduction of Edoc system, but in reality many businesses still require a paper copy for their records to be stored for 2 years minimum. Defra proposes to amend regulation 35 of 2011 (England and Wales) Regulations giving a clearer option to use alternative types of documentation.

Is the Duty of Care still important?

There is still the enforcement with the UK law to have a Duty of Care that all business record the produce, storage, transportation and disposal of their waste in an environmentally compliant manor. But this would result in alternative reporting methods such as using existing documents such as Invoices; Orders or Receipts. 

RTS Waste take steps to improve their operations to meet our customer needs and in line with Quality and  Environmental Action plans. Both Edoc and this reform will see change of some type. If you have a view on this article please contact us to discuss further. 


Edoc is the online system which is simple and cost effective way of businesses to comply with Duty of Care for waste which is being introduced in January 2014. 

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