Roll On Roll Off / RORO Skips for Hire

RORO skip hire – Kent, London and Surrey.

Roll on roll off skips, also known as RORO skips or ROROs are a great waste management solution for the disposal of bulky construction waste. After all, instead of using two or three builder’s skips, why not choose to hire a RORO skip and have one large container. Today we provide roll on roll off /RORO skip hire services to construction businesses in London, Kent and some parts of Surrey, so if you’re interested in hiring a RORO give our team a call today on 020 7232 1711.

Our comprehensive range of ROROs include options for skip size such as 20 cubic yard and 40 cubic yard, and also includes different types of containers for example, open, enclosed, and compactor containers.For example, our most popular RORO is an open top container with rear door access, providing a RORO skip that’s easy to load.

Benefits of choosing  a trusted roll on roll off /RORO skip hire provider.

Our ROROs  are available in various sizes; 20 and 40 cubic yards are the most common.  All of the waste materials you put in your skip are treated at our local waste transfer stations. We aim to recycle or reuse 100% of your waste to reduce landfill. Ensuring we reduce your environmental impact.

Our services are available 24/7 with real-time tracking. So you can be rest assured your skip will arrive on time for your project. Please note if you plan to place your skip on a public highway or road you may require a permit. Speak to our team today who will be able to help you with your application. 

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    What size roll on roll off / RORO are available?

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    What can and can’t go in RORO ? 

    For more information about what can and can’t go in a roll on roll off please take time to read  our skip hire terms and conditions  because there is a possibility of excess charges to cover additional disposal costs for certain waste items. For example, plasterboard mixed with general waste, oil, paint cans, electrical waste.   

    20 yard Roll on Roll off skips - RoRo skip

    20 Yard RORO

    Our 20 yard RORO have a capacity (m3) of 15.3m3, and a capacity (yd3) of 20yd3.

    The 20 yard RORO have a height of 1900mm, a length of 6050mm and a width of 2400mm.

    Estimated volume

    200 Bags

    30 yard Roll on Roll off skips - RoRo skip

    30 Yard RORO

    Our 30 yard RORO have a capacity (m3) of 23m3, and a capacity (yd3) of 30yd3.

    The 30 yard RORO have a height of 2680mm, a length of 5850mm, and a width of 2380mm.

    Estimated volume

    230 bags

    40 yard Roll on Roll off skips - RoRo skip

    40 Yard RORO

    Our 40 yard skips have a capacity (m3) of 20.5m3, and a capacity (yd3) of 40yd3.

    The 40 yard RORO have a height of 3000mm, a length of 6050mm, and a width of 2400mm.

    Estimated volume

    230+ bags

    Things to remember with roll on roll off / RORO hire.

    1. Ensure adequate access by  making sure that the skip is the correct size and allow access for the lorry to drop off and collect your skip.

    2. Ensure the skip is placed in a safe location. Please remember that skips cannot be located directly below trees. Additionally, unlike ‘regular skips’ which require a permit to be placed on a public highway, RORO skips cannot be placed on public highways for any reason.

    3. Ensure waste is suitable. It is important to remember that you are legally responsible for the contents inside the RORO skip. Therefore ensure the waste is suitable and complies with out terms and conditions, it must also not be overloaded; as an overloaded skip is a hazard. In the event of an overloaded skip, our lorry drivers reserve the right to remove excess waste from the RORO, or refuse to remove the RORO skip (which may incur a wasted journey charge).

    Why are RORO skips best for construction sites ?

    We can provide a time-efficient and cost-effective service for construction wastes. Some of the advantages of choosing Wasteology are:
    • Reliable scheduled collections thanks to real-time tracking of all vehicles.
    • Recycle reports.
    • Full licenced and supporting accreditation Certificates .
    • Services can be booked 24 hours a day 7 days a week. (However, please note that out of hours charges may apply).
    • The RTS Waste transport department is available for booking from 08:00 to 17:00.
    • Most waste materials collected are treated at our waste transfer station which is in Kent. Learn more about our MRF and where we are in Kent.

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