Autumn Headlines October 2016

Halloween, Fireworks & Autumn Fun

Welcome from the Editor

Jan Lloyd
Hello and welcome to your Autumn newsletter, in this issue, you’ll get up-to-date with the latest news and information from RTS Waste Management. 

We hope you’ve all had a good summer, it’s been a busy one for us with a new accreditation, lots more customers having separate recycling collections and reducing there waste to landfill. Also the industry Resource Waste Management show in Birmingham had a few interesting announcements that we would like to  share with you about WRAP and the new 3 R’s !


 The Green Agenda

 “our only hope is to transform humanity into a global interdependent sustainable society, based on respect and reverence for the Earth.”

Linked to The Green Agenda is the Environmental Association for Universities and Colleges. (EAUC) 

RTS Waste is delighted to announce that we have just gained a further accreditation and we are proud to say that we are now a BRONZE Member for the Environmental Association for Universities and Colleges. The EAUC is a not-for-profit organisation supporting sustainability within the UK Education sector.

Amme Lloyd, Business Development says “With now being awarded with the EAUC accreditation, this works parallel to  our company ethos and policies for a greener environment, reducing landfill and raising recycling figures to benefit not only our future but for generations to come.

If you are in the education sector and would like more information please contact Amme at  or simply spread the word about how good the EAUC is.

Read more on our website about this HERE



Zero landfill IS achievable!

 WRAP new 3 R’s



Are you familiar with the Waste Hierarchy and the 3 R’s being REDUCE, REUSE & RECYCLE.These are of course mandatory for all business and even increasingly prominent in our own day to day lives at home too. With Hugh Fernely Whittingstall getting fantastic attention to make the general public aware of the quantity of waste being produced is unsustainable if the environment is to be protected for future generations.This is why the Circular Economy is critical .

WRAP is a not-for-profit organisation highly respected as a driving force in the Waste and Resource sector. The new chief executive Marcus Gover launched his vision for getting the Circular Economy more strategically placed. In short he outlined the new  3R’s RE-INVENT, RE-THINK & RE- DEFINE! 

Producers should be taking this into account. Longevity of products, even if extending a product life by 3 months will have a profound impact. Following a model that does not depend on selling large volumes; that explores the full service life of a product (maintain it, repair it before considering upgrading it) and finally a model that captures the value left in a product when it is no longer required, enabling it to be re used or recycled.

If your business needs further advise on how you can become more sustainable and get on board with this sustainable solution from Business development and a commercial consultant available to give professional advise then please give RTS Waste a call.

For more information visit our website:  RTS Waste Services


Our Extended Family 

This edition of our headline NEWS we would like to introduce you to our video superstar and our newest member in the Accounts department; both have flying high in common!

Jason McLeod as Recycling Operations Manager.

Jason is the star of the RTS Waste video See the “How we Process Our Waste” video  HERE . Definitely a high flyer, from wanting to be a ‘pilot’ when a child he has worked hard over the past 10 years with RTS Waste. The great thing about Jason is his understanding of our yard to get the best out of the logistics and treating the waste as a resource. His famed line in the video is

” This yard is like the heart beat of the company” and he is so right !


Jasons’ hobby is listening to music and is passionate about what music brings to the world. In fact Jason has written a few tracks himself. When asked to choose one lyric to share in the newsletter it is this;

” Winners never quit and quitters never win,
you got to keep trying
as what’s worth having never comes easy” 

Jason also enjoys many movies and one of his favourite is Lord of the Rings, Legolas is his hero  of the movie and the traits he represents very much sums up Jason as a person; conscientious and very willing to get his job right.

Macaulay Caseley is Junior Accounts clerk

Macaulay is the  newbie of the office in Bermondsey. Only been with us 4 weeks and gathered that the company co-workers have a good sense of humour. He has not found anything he does not like about the job YET! and seems very positive.  Macaulay says the best part of his job is ” a sense of achievement and being part of a constructive team. At my previous job I don’t believe my skills and abilities we’re acknowledged so to come to a company of which appreciates their workforce and putting in 110% leaves me feeling content with my workplace when I go home every day.”

Happy employees feeds through to making our customers happy, and if we are not then please provide feedback for us to listen to. You can email or call our Customer service department Emma Warrington covering on maternity; direct telephone number is 020 7494 4086

Flying High


Macaulay thinks being a pilot is the best job; just to appreciate some of the breath taking views, to travel the different corners of the planet and experience everything this world has to offer! On his flights he would love to bring along David Attenborough  to talk him through the animal kingdom and wildlife on his travels!

While not dreaming Macaulay’s’ feet are firmly on the ground renovating his flat and improving his already established diy and decorating skills. Certainly a multi-talented young lad who is welcomed aboard the family run  RTS Waste  !