Our Material Recovery Facility

About our waste facilities.

We manage and operate a “mrf” in Swanscombe Kent and Wellington Somerset. Each facility can handle up to 75,000 tonnes per year of dry mixed recycled waste. Firstly, RTS pursue a policy of recovery and reuse, while focusing on finding recyclable solutions for all processed waste.  Therefore we  maximum recovery and reuse of every viable kg of waste processed. On-going investment of time and finance into new technology allows for  improvement of taking out quality materials. Lastly we support the circular economy and want to  work towards zero waste to landfill. If you have any questions then just contact us today.

Our MRF?

A material recovery Facility (MRF) is where recycling goes after it is picked up by our fleet. Once the waste is weighed in and tipped there is a few processes to handle the range of materials. Consequently the material recovery facility is like the heartbeat of the business.

Proud to be accreditied with PAS 402.

Furthermore, RTS Waste is  accredited PAS 402 and is independently verified by a UK qualified UKAS inspector. In turn this  gives trust as part of your strong supplier network. Hence high quality performance all round. RTS Waste is a  reliable waste management company you can trust.

Presently, the waste arrives at the tipping hall and the big material is removed before the mechanical  sort. Currently, the mrf uses  magnets, trommels and air separators to take out smaller lightweight materials. Then the rest continues on the conveyors for picking. Consequently, there are different bays for the recycled waste such as hardcore, wood, ferrous and non ferrous metals and the residual is classified for energy recovery (RDF).

Our Recycling mrf plant

Our future.

Finally,  the future is exciting because of the introduction of AI systems. Always researching best practises for quality and environmental performance, therefore the  RTS Waste and Crossways Recycling team make plans for new technology. This plan is to use robotics for improved quality of separation.

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