Recycling improves with separate Collections

RTS Waste serve Trade Waste/Commercial & Industrial customers best with operating separate collections. There are the standard General and Dry Mixed Recycling (DMR) collections. Additionally RTS Waste are educating waste producers that where “technically  economically and environmentally practical” (TEEP). The collection of separate waste enables higher quality recycling, reducing risk of contamination of key waste which can be used as a resource once treated.

Our dedicated business development for Trade Waste is making contact with all glass and food producers to inform how the separate collections can benefit their business. If you want more information then please give our office a call on 020 7232 1711 or email

Glass Collections

Glass is a heavy material and can be 100% recycled. Having separate bins enable RTS to have less contamination in your General and DMR bins. It more importantly will save you additional cost because the glass waste collection costs less.

Food Collections

Food waste is a resource for biomass. Too much  food waste is  being generated in the UK and many businesses do not realise how they can cut down on the amount of food waste they generate . Having a sepearet food waste collection is the fist step to measuring and evaluating improvements for their business. Whether your business is small, for example a cafe or Takeaway shop or a large office building with a cafetiere    The introduction of recycling is critical to the waste industry and the environmental solution for our planet.

Legislation already in force with Waste (England & Wales) regulations 2011 requires food producers to take “all reasonable measures” to ensure that it is applied. Having a separate FOOD WASTE collection is a “Reasonable Measure”.  The Waste Hierarchy places councils and businesses under implicit requirement to separately collect food waste. Biowaste, presents a significant opportunity to boost recycling and reduce the environmental impact of waste. RTS Waste Management Ltd company ethos is to work towards zero waste to landfill.

To find out more on the Trade Waste separate collections please click on the link.