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With over three decades of industry experience, and high recycling rates exceeding 90% on most materials collected, you can trust our team of waste management experts to get the job done. Additionally, our eco-friendly waste management practices aren’t just ideal for the environment; they’re also a great way to save money. For example, one of our clients reported a cost saving of £50k.

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Bexley Skip Hire From RTS Waste Management

Our Transfer Station is located in Unit 1 Stockholm Road, Bermondsey, London. It’s located right next to “The Den” of Millwall football club. From here we provide cheap and efficient skip hire services covering the City, Westminster, and many other nearby areas including the London Borough of Bexley.

Our Bexley skip hire clients can enjoy skip hire services with a diverse range of containers to suit your varied needs. This includes builder’s skips and large 12 yard skips. Below you can find information regarding the specifications of skips that are available for hire from the RTS team; this includes information in both metric (metres) and imperial (feet).

  • 6 Yard Skip6 yard skipOur 6 yard skips have a capacity (m3) of 5m3, and a capacity (yd3) of 6yd3.The 6 yard skips have a height of 1250mm, a length of 3400mm and a width of 1780mm.



  • 8 Yard Skip8 yard skipOur 8 yard skips have a capacity (m3) of 6.7m3, and a capacity (yd3) of 8yd3.The 8 yard skips have a height of 1250mm, a length of 3750mm, and a width of 1780mm.



  • 12 Yard Skip12 yard skipOur 12 yard skips have a capacity (m3) of 10m3, and a capacity (yd3) of 12yd3.The 12 yard skips have a height of 1680mm, a length of 3960mm, and a width of 1780mm.

Need Help Getting A Skip Permit?

Sometimes when using a skip waste disposal service, you need a permit to place the skip. For example, if you would like to place a skip on a public highway. However, acquiring a permit doesn’t have to be difficult, 
our team can arrange a permit when you place your order, so just let our team know if your skip hire service needs a permit.

These permits are usually available in 7 working days, however sometimes they can be available sooner. Fees vary depending on area and placement.

Important Safety Information

DO NOT FORGET, before you hire a skip it is very important to remember that you are legally responsible for all of the contents in the skip. This means that you must ensure that all of the waste disposed using the skip is suitable for general waste disposal and meets our terms and conditions.


Additionally, it is also very important that you load waste into the skip in a responsible manner; this includes ensure that the skip is not overloaded. An overloaded skip is a hazard; the lorry may struggle to lift the skip and the overfilled waste could be a danger to other people as the skip is being lifted or transported. So, please make sure that the contents of a skip never exceed the height of the skip’s sides.


Also, please note that you cannot place a skip directly below trees, so make sure that there is more than enough space for the skip to be collected. Finally, please remember that you must never set fire to waste in a skip.

What To Do If Your Waste Is Unsuitable For Skip Disposal?

Many different items of waste cannot be disposed of through general waste disposal. If you need to dispose of hazardous materials, you will need to ensure that you utilise a responsible and legally compliant hazardous waste disposal method. However, if you need to dispose of material such as plasterboard, we can provide specialised collection services forplasterboard gypsum disposal. Alternatively you could choose a Jumbo Bag service which is a disposal container which is 1 cubic meter in size and can hold up to 200kg and is recommended for items of waste which are required to be collected separately for environmental legislation purposes, such as plasterboard (Gypsum based construction waste EWC 17 08 02).

Why Should You Choose Our Waste Management Services?

Our passion motivates us to stand out in the industry, despite any and all challenges. Throughout our years of experience, we have worked with high profile clients from a variety of different business sectors including, education, healthcare, construction, and retail. Additionally, we also provide professional waste disposal services to households and local residents.

If you choose waste disposal service from RTS Waste Management, in addition to providing time-efficient and cost-effective services, you can enjoy the following advantages:

  • Reliable scheduled collections thanks to real-time tracking of all vehicles.
  • Recycle Reports.
  • Data for Site Waste Management Plan can be provided in collaboration with construction Operators.
  • Services can be booked 24hours a day 7 days a week. (However, please note that out of hours charges may apply).
  • The RTS transport department is available for booking from 08:00 to 17:00.
  • Most waste materials collected are treated at our Waste Transfer Stations (which are located in London, Kent, and Somerset).


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