What can be put in the skip?

A Skip can contain General Waste or segregated waste. There are restrictions on certain waste types not to be placed in a skip and a restriction on any contents exceeding a level load or over weight for the vehicle carrying out the haulage.

Skip hire legislation states that some hazardous waste cannot be disposed in a general waste skip.

Please check that the contents of your skip will not contain:

Electrical appliances, Fluorescent light tubes, Batteries Fridges, Freezers and Air-conditioning units, TV’s and Monitors Paints (including residues inside paint cans), Solvents, Aerosols and gas canisters Liquids, Oil, fuel and other automotive fluids Plasterboard, Asbestos, Tyres Clinical or Medical Waste, Toxic materials Large tree trunks

Unless you have notified us prior to ordering, an extra disposal fee will be charged if unsuitable waste is found in a skip. This is because our skips are normally hired for general waste, and hazardous waste requires alternative disposal methods.

RTS Waste offers a hazardous waste disposal service, to enquire please call our Hazardous Waste specialists on 020 7232 1711 or email sales@rtswaste.co.uk

If you want to know how we process your waste and recycle the above materials please follow Recycling