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Our skips come in three sizes: 6, 8 and 12 yards. Choosing the right size and type of skip for your requirements can save you time and money. Our skip size guide is here to ensure you get the right size skip for your needs. We have skips for hire across London and Kent and also larger roll on roll off skips for bulkier waste disposal.

6 Yard Skip Hire RTS Waste

6 Yard Skip

A 6 yard skip is a good choice if you are doing a large-scale home and garden clear-out. It can hold up to approximately 65 bin bags of waste.

Dimensions: 10ft (2.29m) Long x 5ft (1.52m) Wide x 4ft (1.07m) High

8 Yard Skip Hire RTS Waste

8 Yard Skip

An 8 yard skip is most frequently used by builders and DIYers tackling small to medium sized jobs and projects. If you’re renovating your kitchen or bathroom, or clearing rubbish from your garden. This skip can hold up to approximately 80 bin bags.

Dimensions: 12ft (3.66m) Long x 6ft (1.83m) Wide x 4.5ft (1.37m) High

12 Yard Skip Hire RTS Waste

12 Yard Skip

A 12 yard skip is on of the most popular large skips available, and commonly used for commercial purposes. Perfect for larger projects, including construction materials and bulky household and garden waste. This skip can hold up to approximately 120 bin bags.

Dimensions: 13ft (3.96m) Long x 6ft (1.83m) Wide x 6.5ft (1.98m) High

How much waste can a skip hold?

Before you decide which skip size you will need, you should look at what sort of waste you will be producing. When determining how much waste you will need to throw onto your skip, please remember that skips are not suitable for all waste and hazardous items (including asbestos which will require specialist removal) and some electrical items. There are alternative waste disposal options available to you for these items which RTS can help with. Once you have determined how much waste you have to throw on your skip, you can choose the correct skip size for your waste.

How much room does a skip need?

For our skip lorries to be able to deliver your skip, we require a minimum of 9 feet in width. This enables a safe and hassle-free delivery. Whilst most roads are completely suitable for our vehicles, please consider the width of the road and how busy it may get during delivery times. Parked cars can disrupt a skip delivery whether they are on one side of the road or both, as they can make access more difficult. Keeping the road clear of cars nearby during the time of delivery and collection is essential for skips being dropped onto the highways.

Driveways will also need to be clear of any vehicles to prevent them being blocked in by a skip. If you will be placing a skip on council land, many councils require cones and lighting for the skips exterior, to ensure it is visible to road users. If you will be producing plasterboard waste, you will need a plasterboard bag to keep it separated from the mixed waste.

If you are unsure, please call a member of our helpful team on 020 7232 1711.

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