Two Fantastic Children’s Charities 

You maybe feeling unsettled with our country and frustrated with the football, but in all honesty some of us have more serious things to think about, such as LIFE and Quality of FUTURE LIFE. Some of the RTS Waste employees have amazing young family members that are thinking of others and rather than just talking about it, these two particular people have taken ACTION beyond what most of us will do ourselves.

OR CAN YOU HELP? …………………..YES you can! please read on and make sure you feel good today and help someone else.

Support Little Princess Trust

LIttle Princesses Trust logo

Miya MacDonald aged 14 is the daughter of Meena and Bob who are both long standing employees. Miya is taking a huge plunge for a teenage girl and cutting her hair so it can be made into wigs for children who have lost their hair due to cancer. This is organised by a registered charity called Little Princess Trust. There is more information available on the charities website HERE

Miya M 3


If you can spare just a few pounds towards this wonderful charity and support  Miya and what she is doing for other children with cancer then please go to her Just giving page and donate :

Lets see if we can all give a little and raise more than £500.


Support Action Medical Research

Action Medical research logo


Shane Lewis is another inspiration, Shane is the son of Chrissie O’Brien at RTS Waste and has a pledge to people that they do not have to give £10 or £20 pounds but just £2 or £5 would be incredible at the end of the day.

Shane Lewis o'Brien

Shane signed up to take part in the Prudential Ride 100 to raise money for Action Medical Research on July 31st. The work this charity does is truly touching, supporting sick children and their families through very stressful and emotional times. To all  parents, we all share that greatest of fears that something bad could happen to one of our own and to know such charities exist should those nightmares come true offers some reassurance. Chrissie is so proud of Shane taking on this challenge and asks you to help support his cause.  Anything you could spare would be greatly appreciated and could save a life.

The below link will take you to his page, if you are kind enough to donate please tick the gift aid button too. This offers no extra cost to you but will ensure the Government adds an additional 25% to your donation.

Once again thanks for your support