RTS Waste Management works with all sizes and types of businesses, meeting skip hire, recycling and waste requirements. Please provide us with some basic information below to open an account with us and become a RTS customer. One of our team will be in contact with you within 24 hours to confirm your account has been opened.

Sole TraderPartnershipLimited CompanyLimited Company Owned by GroupRegistered CharityGovernment OwnedOther (please specify)
Commercial Wheeled BinsCommercial Skips / Roll On roll offsConstruction Wheeled BinsConstruction Skips / Roll on roll offsOther (please specify)
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Sole Trader / Partnership

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apply to open a credit account with RTS Waste Management Limited and agree to pay all money for services provided within 30 days from date of invoice and all queries regarding invoices, or reasons why payment in full will not be made, should be notified in writing to our company within 14 days.

I also understand that upon failure to meet this condition of payment, credit facilities could be immediately withdrawn and that RTS Waste Management Limited reserve the right to take whatever action may be necessary to recover money due to them. Furthermore that RTS Waste Management Limited will, on a regular basis, reapply for references.


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