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Waste Management Solutions Can Help Protect The Environment
The Planet Is In Danger

The Planet Is In Danger

To say that climate change is a serious threat to our 21st century society is a major understatement. It is arguably one of the most serious threats to humanity as a species. Did you know that since the late 19th century, the planet’s average surface temperature has increased by approximately 1.1 degrees Celsius? [source]

The changing climate is a global problem and if nothing is done, the UK could suffer from an increased risk of flooding in both coastal and inland areas as a result of global warming and climate change. For those who are sceptical about the impact that global warming has on the planet, NASA has detailed information regarding the scientific consensus that the Earth is warming.

How Does Waste Affect The Planet?

If disposed of in an unsustainable and irresponsible manner, waste has the potential to be very destructive and very harmful to the planet. Plastic waste ends up in the ocean, creating large floating masses of plastic, one of which is twice the size of the US state of Texas where plastic outnumbers local sea life at a ratio of 6:1.

Another way that waste can have a negative impact on the environment and contribute to climate change is through greenhouse gases. Some heat trapping gasses include nitrous oxide, water vapour, methane, and the one everyone knows about, carbon dioxide.

However, whilst it may seem that carbon dioxide is ‘main villain’ due to its public image, there are other greenhouse gasses that are far more potent as heat trapping gasses. For example, did you know that methane gas is significantly more potent than carbon dioxide, accounting for approximately 20% of all greenhouse gas emissions? However, being responsible for approximately 1/5th of greenhouse gas doesn’t quite demonstrate the scale of just how dangerous methane is for the environment. Whilst many people are concerned about their carbon footprint, perhaps people should be more concerned about methane because it’s 20 times more potent than carbon dioxide.

Can Waste Management Play A Positive Role In Climate Change?

One of the many things that businesses and individuals can do to minimise their impact on the environment is to recycle as much of their waste as the can. A significant portion of our waste is plastic waste. Did you know that every year we throw away enough plastic each year to circle the Earth four times!

One of the more common forms of plastic used to create drinks bottles is Polyethylene terephthalate (often abbreviated to PET or PETE). This type of plastic is highly recyclable, which means that you can help to reduce your impact on the environment by disposing of plastic bottles in an appropriate plastic recycling service.

Another way you can help to minimise your environmental impact through waste disposal is with regards to food waste. If disposed of in landfill, items of food waste release methane gas as they break down. However, landfill is not the only option for food waste, there are numerous different food recycling solutions including both anaerobic digestion and composting.

Currently the UK is working towards a 2020 recycling target, which is sitting at 50%. Currently the recycling level is 45% which is only 5% away from the target, it is important to recognise that the recycling rate is falling. This means that it is essential that UK businesses and individuals do everything that they can in order to improve their waste practices and recycle as much waste as possible.

How Can RTS Waste Help You?

We understand the importance of protecting the environment. As a business operating within the waste sector, we recognise the serious implications of irresponsible waste disposal and as such we work hard to ensure that all of our clients waste is disposed of in a legally compliant and environmentally responsible manner.

Our passion motivates us to stand out in the industry, despite any and all challenges. Our team of specialists can provide you with the waste services you need, but go above and beyond; we have recycling rates exceeding 90% on most materials collected.

So with over three decades of industry experience, and such high recycling rates, you can trust our team of waste management experts to get the job done. You can read more about our waste management solution here

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